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Saturday 30th June:




Welcome back, we are now in Summer term 2. Below I have attached the planning for the 1st June. You can see the timetable the children will be following if they are in school, if they aren't coming back they can choose a group they'd like to follow in terms of lessons. 

There will be no zoom lessons, remember you are still welcome to message me if you have any questions. 


Miss Yarsley

Our school video - We miss you all

Still image for this video
We have now finished our Gruffalo topic, we are now looking at a poem in English by Moira Andrew. 

As my video is too long to add onto here. I have created my own YouTube account - Click and Subscribe to see more videos from myself and my mum dressed up (where we can) during lockdown. 


The full story of the Gruffalo


The Gruffalo story

A video of me and my mum retelling the story of the Gruffalo. During lockdown we will try and upload weekly videos where one of us will get dressed up. Subsc...

Different learning completed (Summer Week 2 + 3)

A huge achievement for Oaks Class 

Well done to Scarlett who has achieved 4th place out of 552 children. She was 1 point off 3rd place and 2 points off 2nd place. Very very proud of you.

Both Scarlett and Matilda answered all 1000 questions and we also had Jack, Lily G, Lily R, Ferne, Gracie, Isobel, Sophie and Adam who also tried super hard.


As a class we achieved 13th place. I am super proud of everyone right now. 


Just a reminder that there is another competition happening on the 8th May - this is a regional competition so there will be even more children and schools playing. 

Learning for the local community

Learning for the local community  1 Max - 27/4/2020
Learning for the local community  2 Chloe - 27/4/2020

w.c. 27th April

Unfortunately circumstances have changed. My sister has very important exams which she will need complete silence for.Meaning we (me and my family during the day/early evening) may have to confine to the tent during the week, which does mean I will need to do lots of prerecorded lessons. Each exam last around2 hours each.We have been given strict instructions for when weare allowed to have our lunch break and tea. Which are 12-1pm and 5-6pm. So if these times suit anyone I will definitely have the internet then to interact.

She has many exams this week and next:-
6 exams on Monday (27th April)
1 exam on Tuesday (28th April)
0 exams on Wednesday (29th April)
6 exams on Thursday (30th April)
6 exams on Friday (1st May)
0 exams on Monday (4th Ma)
6 exams on Tuesday (5th May)
3 exams on Weds (6th May)

This means I will need to alter when I can use zoom this week. As being down at the bottom of my garden my wifi will probably cutout. I have made a week plan for you this week, hopefully you should be able to complete these from your own home with out any support from myself. I will try and use the internet when I can.

Currently means I can only access zoom for Maths and English teaching this Tuesday and Wednesday.

Thank you for understanding

Miss Yarsley


In regards to Sumdog, it is currently giving access free of charge to all schools. Many children from our class have logged on which is great! 

If you are not aware of your child's login details, it is all on your child's portfolio on class dojo. Or alternatively you can send me an email. I can respond. 


Here is a useful document - Sumdog are offering free webinars forboth teachers and for parents. May behelpful for some of you. Ihave been playing around with the website yesterday, and Ithought it started offpretty hard for me yet alone your child. So if your child is put off by the website I have now limited the highest question to be asked is year 3 as I noticed it was asking questions for a year 6 child.

Your child needs to complete a diagnostic test which is roughly 150 questions in total for maths - then it produces a maths age. So far 2 children has completed that which is great.

Once you have done that it will show some areas which they struggled on and will pick 1 area to work on. The idea is it will go back to basics and there are lots of cool games for your child to participate in. I particularly like the football game called goalz and the cannonball game. I have been playing the game via my own avatar. I now have a pet owl which I need to look after. My FriendID is KY591466 so if you add that I will become your friend on Sumdog and then I think the idea is that we can give each other coins/gifts and can continue to play games against each other.

You can also have a look at grammar and spelling activities too. Keep up the great work ! If you don't get time to look over at the website this weekend don't worry as the software are offering daily webinars/support guides.



There is a Lincolnshire Maths competition live until Thursday which I have booked our class into. Keep playing, have fun! 



W.C. 20th April 2020

This is all our fantastic learning from this week. This has either been completed whilst on Zoom with myself or has been completed in their own time.

Our new story text.....it's the Gruffalo

The Queens Birthday celebrations

20th April 

Keep safe everyone, keep those photos and videos coming in. 


You can send to my school email Kari.Yarsley@Navenby.lincs.sch.uk or on classdojo. 



Miss Yarsley

Here is your home learning grid to complete whilst the school is closed. Remember to enjoy time as a family and stay safe.

Welcome to Spring 2. I hope all your welcome packs are useful. If anyone has any questions please let me know. 

I have handed out class dojo individual accounts and parent account codes. Hopefully it should be an easy app to use. 

So far I have 10 parents who have activated their page, thank you. Hopefully see some more faces on there soon. 


Thanks again,

Miss Yarsley

Welcome to Oak Class!



The Year 1 curriculum builds upon and extends the experiences that children have had in Reception. The children will have a more formal learning environment in Year 1 but they will continue to learn through play, whilst being involved in exciting topics so that they remain motivated, enthused and eager learners. Our aim is to ensure that the children experience a smooth transition from the Foundation Stage to Key Stage One.

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