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The staff and Governors value and take pride in the school's dress code which we believe nurtures a sense of belonging, in keeping with our aims and values.


The following school uniform is recommended by the Governors:

  • Trousers / shorts / skirt:  charcoal grey or black (no denim style)
  • Shirts: white
  • Polo shirts: red or white
  • Socks: charcoal grey or black or white for girls
  • Tights: Grey or red
  • Sweatshirts / cardigans: red (preferably printed with the school's logo)
  • Shoes: black and sturdy; heels should not be higher than 2 cm (approx. 1 inch); sandals are permitted in the  summer term but these must be sturdy and closed toe style
  • Summer dresses: red / white check (gingham style)


PE uniform

  • red t-shirts and black shorts (for both key stages) for indoor and outdoor PE lesson (when the weather is fine)
  • trainers (for outdoor PE); bare foot indoors
  • tracksuit for outdoor PE if the weather is inclement (black one)
  • shin pads for contact sports such as football or hockey
  • long red football socks (outdoor PE)
  • football boots (*preferred) for lessons which are on the field in the winter months.



Extreme haircuts, as decided by the school, or dyed or coloured hair are not acceptable. 


The following items are not permitted:

  • nail varnish
  • temporary tattoos
  • make-up
  • hair gel
  • football kits for PE

Art/Craft/Design activities: An old shirt or apron is recommended for pupils in Y2-Y6. [These are provided for Reception and Y1 classes.]




Due to Health and Safety considerations, the Governors have agreed
on the following guidelines:


· School shoes:  These should be sturdy and either black. Heels should not be higher than 2 cm.


· Sandals: These may be worn in summer provided that they are sturdy and closed toe style.


· Plimsolls/Trainers: Parents will need to monitor the growth rate of their child’s feet on a regular basis to ensure that footwear is of an appropriate size at all times.


· Jewellery: Jewellery is not allowed in school, with the exception of the following:

o        Small ear studs only are permissible.
o        Watches may be worn (fitbits are permitted but are the responsibility of the child and parent)


All jewellery needs to be removed during PE lessons. Parents need to ensure that children can remove earrings independently and we would like to remind parents that if you are getting your child’s ears pierced to do this at a time when it will cause least disruption to PE lessons and least distress to the child.


No responsibility can be taken by the school if any jewellery items are lost.


Buying Uniform:


The school maintains a limited supply of fleece jackets, sweatshirts and cardigans and red PE T-shirts and these can be purchased from the main school office. We also supply reading folders and PE bags with the school logo on and water bottles. The main office is open between 8.45am and 4pm every day.


It is also possible to buy uniform direct from the supplier, School Trends, by visiting their website at www.schooltrendsonline.com, then selecting Find My School and following the ordering instructions. There is no mimimum order required and goods will be delivered to your home address or to school. Prices vary slightly from those available when buying from school and there is a delivery charge.

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