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2.10.2020- We completed some rainbow maths.

We consolidated our knowledge of making 10 using the coloured cubes. Looking at pattern spotting and creating rainbows too for 'Rainbow Day'.

This week we have looked counting up in 2s.

Lexi used play dough with her maths today. 


Today we all collected 2 leaves each during break time. After break time we sat in a large circle and we placed our leaves in a big pile. Miss Yarsley chose different children to sort them into piles of twos. We were asked to create 6 piles of twos in our small groups. Miss Yarsley explained that we are finding out 6x2, and we counted in 2s together to find out it was 12. We explored different problems in our groups and some children had a go at writing the number sentence. We then placed them in order starting from 1x2 and discovered there was a pattern. 

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Representing numbers

Creating numbers using natural resources

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