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Come and meet the staff at our school.

SENCo Mrs V Pridmore


Teaching Assistants: Miss H Hodson, Miss J Gray, Miss K Rawlings, Mrs J Boulby, Mrs C Thornton, Miss G Peet, Miss L Race, Miss S Simpson, Mrs H Kerr, Mr H Tatton, Miss M Smith, and Mrs H Woolsey. 


Office Team: Mrs R Howard (School Bursar)  
Mrs W White (Admin Assistant)


Midday Team: Mrs A Webb (Midday Leader),
Mrs A Bourne, Mrs H Hildreth, Miss G Patchett, Mrs S Roberts, Mrs J Tizard and Mrs W White


Breakfast Club: Mrs H Woolsey, Miss S Simpson, Mrs J Tizard, Mrs H Hildreth, Miss G Patchett and Miss H Hodson


Cleaners:  Mrs A Webb and Mr G Marshall


Carre's Outreach Coach: Mr M Strange


SCITT:  Mr T Woolsey

Visitors 2 2 1 4 0 7
healthy school award ofsted award platinum award eco school silver award AQT award carres grammar school outreach award carres grammar school outreach award