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Come and meet the staff at our school.

SENCo Mrs V Pridmore


Teaching Assistants: Miss H Hodson, Miss K Rawlings, Mrs S Baxter, Mrs K Smith, Mrs K Wiseman, Miss L Race, Mrs J Boulby,  Mrs T Parr, Mrs C Thornton, Mrs S Garlick, Mrs H Kerr, Mr H Tatton, Miss M Smith, Miss N McGuire, Mrs H Woolsey, and Mr T Woolsey. 


Office Team: Mrs R Howard (School Bursar)  
Mrs W White & Mrs S Dickinson (Admin Assistants)


Midday Team: Mrs A Webb (Midday Leader),
Mrs A Bourne, Ms D Gibson, Mrs H Hildreth, Miss G Patchett, Mrs E Mitchell, Mrs J Tizard and Mrs W White


Breakfast Club: Mrs H Woolsey, Mrs S Dickinson, Mrs J Tizard, Mrs H Hildreth, Miss G Patchett and Miss H Hodson


Caretaker:  Mr A King (alternate Fridays)
Cleaners:  Mrs A Webb and Ms D Gibson


Carre's Outreach Coach: Mr A Wilson

Visitors 1 8 9 6 4 8
food for life silver award healthy school award ofsted award platinum award go4it award eco school silver award sing up silver award AQT award carres grammar school outreach award carres grammar school outreach award