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The History of Transport


This term in History, we will be learning all about The History of Transport! We will be investigating how different types of transport has changed over time and whether or not it has changed for the better or not. Over the term we will also be researching space travel and understanding a little bit about the technology used to do this.


What modes of transport can you name?

Can you name any old fashioned modes of transport that we don't use anymore?

Does modern technology make it easier to travel further?

Who are the key people that helped in the development of transport?


Extreme Weather


In Geography, we will be thinking about the weather patterns in the United Kingdom and how they relate to the four seasons. We are then going to research types of extreme weather and locate where they might occur on a world map. We will look at the location of hot and cold areas of the world in relation to the Equator and the North and South Poles.


What are the four seasons?

What might the weather be like in each season?

What would you wear for each of the weather types?

What is extreme weather?

Where in the world might extreme weather take place?

What and where is the equator?


What and where are the seven continents?

Autumn Term display - Time Travellers

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