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Geography - The United Kingdom 


During Spring term we have been looking at the United Kingdom in Geography; the countries, capital cities and seas surrounding it. We have used an Atlas to locate the countries which make up the UK and the capital city of each country. 

We have also looked at human and physical features of each country and wrote a postcard explaining some of the human and physical features people could see in London.  

History - Castles 


We have had a great half term learning about castles. We learnt lots on our trip to Lincoln Castle and everyone worked really hard to make castles at home for their homework project. We made a museum in our classroom and showed Reception our castles; teaching them about the different parts and who lived there. 

Lincoln Castle Trip

Our Castle Museum


Memory Box


This term in History, we will be learning all about historical changes within our living memory

We will be thinking about how our lives have changed since we were born, and comparing this to how people lived in the past 

Exploring some artefacts from Mrs Smiths' Cottage

Creating a timeline of ourselves from past to present


Where do I live? 


In Geography, we will be using Google Maps and aerial photographs to explore where we live and go to school. 

We will be looking at human and physical features and seeing if we can locate these on a local map. 


We will also be learning about compass directions and using these to navigate around the local area. 



Locating human and physical features in Navenby

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