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Welcome to the Friends of Navenby School (FONS) section! 



Your Committee

Chair -  Dave Robinson-Stewart

Vice Chair - Regan Raynor (until Aug 2023 then Amy Kopsidas)

Treasurer - Katherine Briscombe

Secretary - Karla Robinson-Stewart 

Members - Jennie Lewis; Jo Ewen; Jane Rickaby; Chris Mills; Amy Kopsidas


Registered Charity No. 512492


Who are we?

We are the Parent-Teacher Association for Navenby Church of England Primary School. We provide support through fundraising activities, volunteer support and providing a community for parents to support each other and their children. Fundraising activities are used to support purchases or activities to benefit the school, be it supporting trips, upgrading equipment, new books and much more.


We are always looking for new members and there are no limits on numbers so please come join us if you can. Any help is always appreciated however much or little! Please contact any of the committee members if you wish to join our email address is hellofons@outlook.com


Please see our About Us flyer below for more information.


Kind Regards 

The FONS team


FONS About Us information

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