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Children's Activities for school closure

If the school is closed or your child is off for a period of time but well enough to try some school work below are some generic activties children can be doing.  There are also links to TTrockstars/numbbots for maths activites and Oxford Owl for reading. Please also look at your child's class page for information from the Teacher of what they will be learning.



Child reads to an adult

• Adult reads to a child

• Discussing illustrations, why an author is the child’s favourite, comparing stories by the same author and different ones

• Paired reading (child reads a bit, adult reads a bit)

• Asking questions about the text

• Predicting what may happen • Looking at how the author has described a person, place or event • Finding features which keep the reader interested (description including similes and metaphors, a mix of long and short sentences, questions and that moment where you go wow! What is coming next).

• Reading different texts (eg comics, newspapers, leaflets, dictionary, the Bible, advertising cards etc)



• Writing for different purposes (eg newspaper report, a diary, a poster advertising something, a persuasive letter, a factfile about something they are interested in)

• Using key words from the statutory word lists • Practising the cursive style of handwriting with the lead in and lead out stroke.

• Punctuation – full stops, capital letters, commas, exclamation marks, question marks, speech marks, brackets, colons, semi-colons, dashes, ellipsis…

• Spellings from their key words list (perhaps build up a bank of words relating to their summer term topic)



• Number bonds to 10 and 100

• Times tables (upto 12 x 12 in Year 4)

• Inverse operation (3+4=7, 7-4=3) to make links

• Fractions, decimals and percentages (eg 50% = ½ = 0.5)

•Telling the time • Comparing measures (cm – m, m – km, ml – l, g – kg etc)

• Recognising 2D and 3D shapes

Additional Needs:


For children who are on the Special Educational Needs Register or who may need to access activities to support learning further, please follow the route below:


Go to 'About us' then to 'Key Information' and scroll down to Special Educational Needs.


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