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In Year 1, we will learn about Christianity and Islam.


In Term 2 we were introduced to Islam and learnt about Muslim beliefs and practices. 

We learnt about the Muslim story of creation and discussed how it was similar and different to the Christian creation story. 


We also learnt about the straight path and how this helps Muslims to make good choices. We then thought about who helps us to follow a straight path and make good choices in our lives.

Following the straight path is a special job for Muslims so we thought about special jobs that we already know about and what they would need to do their job well. 


We were then shown what Muslims use to guide them on their straight path. 


In Term 1 we have looked at at the Old Testament and what that shows Christians about God. 


Creation (Genesis 1-2) - YouTube


Adam and Eve Sin - YouTube 



Sequencing the Adam and Eve story

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