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We completed an experiment on rainbow day, using water and skittles. The children were asking lots of questions so today we decided to do it again but this time using various liquids:


- Hot water

- Cold water

- Sugar and cold water

- Sugar and hot water

- Coffee

- Tea

- Milk


I wonder what happened??? 


Explore our photos below to find out. (This all happened in a course of 10minutes)

This term the children have been working with Mrs Boubly on weekly science lessons.


Week 4- Autumn exploring

Week 3 - Labelling the human body

Week 2-The children explored the 5 senses and what they mean. They took turns in being blindfolded and wearing ear defenders. They learnt that some children/animals are born this way and discussed how it made them feel.

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Week 1- The children explored the weather and created weather vanes. Each day for the next week they tested out the wind and recorded the temperature.

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