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Spring Term 2 - Plants 


This half term we have been learning all about plants and how they grow. We have looked at what plants need to grow and had a go at growing our own bean plants. We used real flowers to look at the different parts of a plant and went outside to do some observational drawing to find the parts of a tree. 

This half term we have been exploring materials in our Science lessons. We looked at a range of materials and identified them, then we needed to distinguish between an object and the material it was made out of. 

We also looked at properties of materials and sorted objects into categories based on their properties. 

We completed an experiment to see which objects (and which materials) would float or sink and explored why this was the case. 

Senses - We completed experiments using our senses

Seasons and Weather 

This term we are learning about seasons and the weather 


Over the term we will:

observe changes across the four seasons

observe and describe weather associated with the seasons and how day length varies 


What are the seasons? - BBC Bitesize 


UK weather and seasons - BBC Bitesize 

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