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Term 3 - Painting 


This half term we have looked at the painter Peter Thorpe. He creates space pictures using lots of different methods. We have explored changing the shade of colours using black and white and have mixed primary colours to make secondary colours. 

We then used our knowledge of colour mixing to draw and paint planets and rockets, before putting them onto our background.  

Art Term 1 - Self Portraits 

This half term we are going to be focusing on self portraits. 

We will be looking at Pablo Picasso and the portraits he created. We noticed that Picasso's portraits were very different from what people look like in real life. 

We explored cubism and how Picasso wanted to include lots of different views in one piece of art work.


We are going to use sketching techniques and bright colours to create our own Picasso inspired self-portrait 

Using sketching techniques to draw our self portrait

Adding colour to our self portrait in the style of Picasso

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