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AQT Partnership


We are delighted to be working in partnership with three other schools.  The AQT (Achieving Quality Together) Partnership consists of us, Osbournby Primary School and Billingborough Primary School.


This partnership has evolved from the previous AQT Partnership which was first established in May 2012.  The Partnership works together to provide opportunities for the children in all 3 schools to collaborate and share learning experiences; it also allows staff to learn together (and from each other) and give insights into how things operate in other schools.  The Headteachers meet regularly to plan events and discuss educational issues which we can address together.

Since its launch, the Partnership has had many successes some of which are outlined below:


  • Gifted mathematicians from across the Partnership have had the opportunity to work together at the local secondary school (SWRA). 
  • A Teaching Assistant from Navenby organised a PE afternoon for the Y2 children last summer.   The children had a hugely enjoyable time learning new skills and working collaboratively as a team with children from other schools.  
  • On the 18th January 2023, the Heads met  at Navenby to reflect on events so far and look to plan events for the Spring and Summer terms.
  • Subject leaders have learning walks in each others' schools and then meet to share strategies and successes.  This year the reading leads have met and in the summer 2023 the maths leads will meet.  This has proved to be a good way to develop subject leadership across the partnership.
  • This year we have also had a joint meeting for our Governors in December 2022.  They came together at Navenby for an evening where they were able to discuss their roles, strengths and areas for development.  The next meeting when they will be discussing strategic leadership, safeguarding procedures and finance will be on 5th May 2023. 
  • We  hosted a joint INSET Day on 17th April 2023 when teachers met at Navenby to access external training on moderation of writing, reading and maths.  The TAs also met here to access external training on de-escalation strategies and how to be effective in all parts of a maths lesson.  This is an effective way of keeping CPD costs low and using the strengths we have on the staff teams.


We are excited to be once again working in partnership with these schools and have already achieved many things this year.  There are still a couple of things planned which are:

  • a subject leader day (14th June 2023) for maths leads.  Subject leads and Heads will visit Osbournby, Billingborough and Navenby to look at how maths is taught in these schools.  Subject leads will then discuss their findings and update action plans taking the best practices they have seen.
  • the Heads will be meeting at Billingborough on 26th April to plan events for the rest of the year and to share SDP target
  • The 4 Headteachers will continue to work together to ensure that purchases are bought at reduced rates ensuring value for money.


We are looking forward to further collaboration not only to enhance the children’s learning      opportunities but to work together to bring the best for everyone.

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