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Year 6 Home Learning: Week 7 (18th May)

Dear all parents and children of Willow Class,


It may well be that we are now entering our final week of home schooling, if schools do indeed re-open on the 1st June for YR, Y1 & Y6 pupils. I am sure many of you are excited at the prospect of potentially returning to school and hopefully you will have received the letter sent out by Mr Elliott last week regarding changes we will be making in school to do our utmost to keep everybody - pupils, parents and staff alike - as safe as we possibly can. Please make sure you have emailed through to the school to state whether you intend to return to school on June 1st by Wednesday 20th May. If you have any questions at all about the return to school, please do not hesitate to contact myself via email, or Mr Elliott or Mrs Howard using the enquiries@navenby.lincs.sch.uk email address. Until then, I hope you enjoy the activities outlined below and manage to keep on going and stay motivated throughout the week. Please do keep emailing any completed bits through you would like to share with me - I always love to see them.


Keep smiling and stay safe,


Miss Sheardown

Maths - Week 7 (18th May)
I'm sure many of us are dreaming about a wonderful holiday at the moment for a bit of escapism. Have a go at the activity below, spread throughout the week, to try your hand at holiday planning! Please do let me know any feedback about these resources as it is my first time trialling these out. smiley
Writing - Week 7 (18th May)

During this week after SATs, we would typically be completing lots of practical activities such as trying out origami, perhaps baking some classic Australian dishes like Lamingtons or ANZAC biscuits and showing off practical skills we have. This would help to feed into a week's work on how to write a quality set of instructions, using imperative verbs, clear and detailed explanations and revision of key layout features such as diagrams, pictures with captions and headings & subheadings. I would love to see a set of instructions you could write this week, maybe to teach a skill, recipe or how to play a certain game - the choice is yours!

Below I have attached some examples of well-written instructions - why not have a go to see if you can follow them carefully - and a reminder PowerPoint about the difference between a statement command and a question to help you include these in your instruction writing. 

Reading - Week 7 (18th May)

Here are a few reading resources should you wish to use them, again they are differentiated with 1 star as the easiest and 3 stars as the trickiest. Please remember any reading at home is great, whether this is a book, magazine or e-book. There's also this great link for ideas if you're looking for a new book:



Topic & Creative Work - Week 7 (18th May)

During this week, I'd like us to explore and experiment more with Aboriginal art, perhaps using canvases (or card at home!) for some dotwork pieces, cutting out boomerang shapes from cardboard boxes or perhaps finding some smooth pebbles from the garden outside for some traditional rock painting. Either the end of a paintbrush or cotton ear buds are useful tools for this precise style of artwork! Have a look at the examples and resources below and let your ideas flow...


Boomerang Designs:


Rock Painting Ideas:


Canvas Ideas:


A message from us all...

We miss you ❤️

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Year 6 Home Learning: Week 6 (11th May)

Dear parents & children of Willow Class,


I'm sure many of you were keeping a close eye on our Prime Minster Boris Johnson's announcement last night regarding future plans as we continue to keep ourselves and others safe. As I'm sure you will have seen, there is potential for primary schools - and particularly Year 6 pupils - to return to school during June. Of course as soon as we know any more information about this we will contact you straight away and let you know our plans as a school for this. Whilst I am very much looking forward to seeing you all again and hope that we are able to do this, we must ensure every precaution is taken to ensure that it is safe for this to happen. I will update you as soon as I have any more details about this and as the government releases more guidance.


Until that time, I have added some extra resources on here for the forthcoming week. As you may be aware (even though days may be blurring into each other at the moment), this week would have been the time for us to sit our official SATs papers. I have attached some documents below which will act as revision guides for many different aspects which may have been covered during these assessments. I have also attached links to last year's papers should any of you like to have a go at these - the usual order for these is SPaG on Monday, Reading on Tuesday, Maths 1 & 2 on Wednesday and Maths 3 on Thursday - please be assured that this is not compulsory, but I know some of you have expressed an interest in doing this via email. 


There are also some more creative tasks for you to enjoy at home - please let us know if there's anything you need supplying with which we may be able to organise through a socially-distanced school collection. 


Whilst your home learning is important, now is also a fantastic opportunity to learn some new things outside of your Year 6 curriculum. Why not learn some basic cookery or baking skills? You could continue with sewing or try your hand at knitting, which many of you were excited to begin as part of our WWII topic, or perhaps refining some of your art skills through drawing, painting or modelling? With the good weather we've been having recently, you could try out some gardening, perhaps even trying to grow some fruits or vegetables? It's also important to try and help out around the house as much as you can by doing things like hanging out washing, loading or unloading dishwashers and keeping your own areas clean and tidy; lockdown is tricky for mums and dads too. Keep doing your bit smiley.


I'm thinking of you all, keep smiling and stay safe,


Miss Sheardown smiley x


A Bit of Lockdown Fun...
Can you guess who is who in our staff member baby photos collection? Please email any guesses to me if you would like to and I will happily provide the answers! smiley
Picture 1

Topic & Creative Work - Week 6 (11th May)

As a creative outlet in our afternoons during what would usually be our SATs week, we would be working on a collage art piece. Plastic pollution is a global issue which is something many people are passionate about fighting and reducing to help the health of our world, particularly our oceans. To highlight this issue, have a go at creating an art piece using upcycled pieces of plastic - have a rummage through your bins at home! - to represent the blight of plastic pollution. Below are some examples of how this might look, but please let your creativity flow and take you in whichever direction you would like. Here are some of my suggestions, based on the title of 'Turning the Tide on Plastic Pollution':






May Examples of Home Learning
Year 6 Home Learning: Week 5 (4th May)

Dear parents & children of Willow Class,


As we enter another week of home learning, please find resources to help you listed below. Thus far I have only included a week's worth of activities as we await further guidance from the government about school closures. I will add further activities following any updates that we receive. I have also updated the 'additional home learning resources' section if you're finding you would like some extras. I am thinking of you all and hoping that you are managing to keep yourselves busy and staying positive. As always I am available via email at sarah.sheardown@navenby.lincs.sch.uk



Miss Sheardown x

Maths - Week 5 (4th May)
In what would typically be the final week before our SATs papers, we would be revising key skills associated with fractions. Below are a selection of refresher activities to explore and practise with. Also have a look in the 'additional resources' section for more maths puzzles and problem solving! 
Writing - Week 5 (4th May)
This week's writing focus is on diary entries - a favourite for lots of you as I remember from our Anne Frank unit of work back in March. This also ties in well with our Australia topic and how the country was controversially settled and the life of the Indigenous people was forever changed. Have a look at the explanation document below for more.
Reading - Week 5 (4th May)

Here are a few reading resources should you need them, they are differentiated with 1 star as the easiest and 3 stars as the trickiest. Please remember any reading at home is great, whether this is a book, magazine or e-book. I'm thoroughly enjoying having the opportunity to read some new books in the evenings as a little bit of escapism. If you're looking for a new book, here are some great recommendations:




Topic & Creative Work - Week 5 (4th May)

As we would usually be rapidly approaching sitting our SATs papers, I like to bring in lots of opportunities for creative work during the afternoons in our topic sessions. The Aboriginal people of Australia are renowned for their artwork with recognisable vibrancy and dotwork styles. Aboriginal masks are a fantastically approachable project as they can be drawn, painted or even created out of chalks on the floor (if you have them!). Another great way is to make a model mask by using an old milk carton - check out this instruction page below. I've also listed some photos below which illustrate some fantastic examples of traditional Aboriginal masks and those created by past students to give you some inspiration. I hope you have fun with this one!



Additional Home Learning Resources

Below are some links to extra home learning resources which may be useful to you. Please let me know if there's anything else you require or would be interested in. smiley


Red Cross Home Learning Activities



More Fantastic Examples of Home Learning

Year 6 Home Learning: Weeks 3 & 4 (20th April - 1st May)

Dear parents & children of Willow Class,


As the lockdown continues, I hope you are still staying safe at home and managing to continue with your home learning. Below you will find links to some more resources for the next couple of weeks. There are maths, reading and writing activities, with some suggestions for topic and creative work too. For PE ideas, check out Joe Wicks' YouTube channel, as he will be live-streaming PE lessons for you to join in at home every weekday at 9am. His channel is called The Body Coach and a link to this can be found below:




If you require any additional resources or support, please don't hesitate to contact me on sarah.sheardown@navenby.lincs.sch.uk with any questions you have.


Miss Sheardown x

Maths - Weeks 3 & 4 (20th April - 1st May)
For our week 3 focus we are looking at statistics and averages, then moving onto revising percentages skills for week 4. Please read the instructions below for a guide for the activities and do let me know if there are any issues with any of the resources. 
Writing - Weeks 3 & 4 (20th April - 1st May)
Over these two weeks here are both non-fiction and fiction pieces to explore, tying in with our Australia topic by looking at Dreamtime Stories and leaflets about an aspect of Australian life. Please follow the instructions in the explanation documents below and don't hesitate to email any questions or finished pieces of work you would like me to look at and provide feedback for. 

Reading - Weeks 3 & 4 (20th April - 1st May)

There are some extra reading resources here should you need them, but please remember any reading at home is great, whether this is a book, magazine or e-book. If you're looking for a new book, here are some great recommendations:



Topic & Creative Work - Weeks 3 & 4 (20th April - 1st May)

Our new topic this term for the next 6 weeks will be 'Australia'. During these first two weeks, our priorities would be to learn more about this country. Using the outline attached below, can you find out this information for each state and write it within the state's borders?

- population & area

- famous landmarks & cities located here

- native animals to this region

- the state flag

Have a look at the photo below for an example of this:



It's also important to learn about Australia's early history. It's crucial to remember that before the white settlers made their way to Australia and began convict transportation, there were native people already living in Australia, whose history should not be forgotten. We will exploring more about Aboriginal culture and heritage as our topic progresses. For now, have a look at the following YouTube videos to learn more about convict transportation. Also have a look at the website via the link below. Perhaps you could create a short PowerPoint or information poster about the new information you learn?








Examples of Home Learning
Here are some wonderful examples of the work that you've emailed in so far. Thanks to Alice, Chloe, Aidan, Charlie M, Alex, Martha, Hannah, Will Hunt and Charlie H for your fantastic work so far!
Year 6 Home Learning: Weeks 1 & 2 (23rd March - 3rd April)

Dear parents & children of Willow Class,

Below you will find links to various documents for your home learning for the next couple of weeks. There are maths, reading and writing activities, with some suggestions for topic and creative work too. For PE ideas, check out Joe Wicks' YouTube channel, as he will be live-streaming PE lessons for you to join in at home every weekday at 9am. His channel is called The Body Coach and a link to this can be found below:




This is a very unusual situation for us all to be in! My advice would be to try and create a routine to stick to - roughly what times you will begin and finish your school work are a good place to start, but make sure you factor in times for breaks too! Please don't hesitate to contact school on enquiries@navenby.lincs.sch.uk or myself on sarah.sheardown@navenby.lincs.sch.uk with any questions you have.

I will be thinking of you all, 


Miss Sheardown x

Maths - Weeks 1 & 2 (23rd March - 3rd April)
Please note that there are practise SATs papers at the bottom of this page and all Mathletics activities have been unlocked, covering all Year 6 topics. If you need a reminder of your Mathletics login details, feel free to drop me an email.
Writing - Weeks 1 & 2 (23rd March - 3rd April)
Reading - Weeks 1 & 2 (23rd March - 3rd April)
Here are a few resources for home reading should you need any. However, any reading is good! Continuing with your current book, a magazine or anything that takes your interest is great at home too! Please remember to record the reading you do in your reading diary.
Topic & Creative Work - Weeks 1 & 2 (23rd March - 3rd April)

In school, we have completed our learning for our WWII topic. For some of you, you may wish to continue your learning on this at home. A key skill we developed was how to sew using cross stitch, back stitch and running stitch - perhaps you may want to create another fantastic sewing piece if you have the materials at home to do so? In our final two weeks of term, we would've also been looking at how to knit. There are many YouTube tutorials out there to teach you this skill, plus parents who may be able to show you how to knit a basic square. I'd love to see any photos if you do give this a go!

Additionally, we created Blitz artwork this term; perhaps you could try this out at home too if you have the resources? Another idea might be to create a 'highlights' booklet or poster of your favourite things from this popular topic from throughout the term. If none of these ideas appeal to you, check out the pictures below for more creative inspiration!

PE - Tennis
This term we have been fortunate enough to have Lucy from Carre's Grammar School working with us during our PE sessions to improve our skills. We have been working on our hand-eye co-ordination, serving and court positioning skills so far.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Declaration of War Broadcasts - Thursday 23rd January 2020
We've been working hard on formal and informal tone this term in our English work, considering the audience for our pieces of writing. We listened to political speeches from the 1930s, focusing in o Neville Chamberlain's declaration of war speech, and wrote our own announcement braodcasts. Listen to some of them here!

Molly & Hannah.MOV

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Propaganda Posters - Monday 13th January 2020
In our new topic of WWII, we've been learning all about how propaganda was used to support the war effort and lots of campaings, such as 'Dig for Victory' and 'Make Do & Mend'. Here are some of our efforts at creating our own propaganda posters on concepts to do with the war.
Picture 1
Science Investigation - Wednesday 4th December 2019
We have been learning all about evolution and inheritance in our science work this term, and how the investigations completed by Charles Darwin have shaped the way we understand and classify animals today.We carried out an investigation called 'Which Beak is Best?', looking at how animals within the same species have different shapes of beak according to their diet. We tested out different styles of 'beak' and 'food' to see which beak was best!
Metheringham Wartime Christmas Educational Visit - Tuesday 3rd December 2019
On Tuesday 3rd December, Year 6 were invited to a special event held at the former RAF Metheringham base to experience life at Christmas-time during WWII in our area. We took part in a variety of activities and crafts, including wartime dancing, singing, writing postcards, weaving and painting. What a fantastic, fun experience!
October Half Term Reading Competition
During our week-long break, we were challenged to take photos and email them in of us reading in the most unusual places we could think of. Check out the gallery below!
Harvest Festival - Tuesday 16th October 2019

For this year's harvest festival, we considered the importance of saying thank you for the harvest. In our local community, farmers work tirelessly to provide for us and we must ensure that we show our gratitude and remember those less fortunate than us at this time of year. Our donations from this year's festival will be going to The Nomad Trust, based in Lincoln, to support those who are homeless in Lincolnshire. We wrote poetry together in small groups to demonstrate our thankfulness which we performed at the service.

We also created some harvest-themed artwork, using the fruits and vegetables we described in our poems as a basis for our work. For this, we drew the outlines in pencil, which were then overlaid with hot glue. As a final step, we added colour and vibrancy with chalk pastels. Have a look at the images below - we think they look really effective! 

PGL Update - Day 4

Well last night was another good sleep all round – all sounds had drifted away by 10pm and some even had to be woken for breakfast this morning. After loading ourselves up at breakfast time, the 3 groups headed off to activity bases for fencing, the vertical challenge course and rifle shooting. The vertical challenge consisted of a series of obstacles leading straight up – 30 feet into the air. There were scramble nets, tyres to climb and even rope ladders, but many people absolutely smashed it! Well done to all! Fencing was great fun; learning the en guarde position, how to lunge and score points, before duelling it out! Have a look at the pictures below to see more!

Lunchtime was a feast of pasta and garlic bread with a selection of salads, followed by another full-on afternoon taking on the climbing wall and trapeze. These activities were certainly a challenge, standing at 12 metres tall each. The trapeze was particularly tricky as the pole wobbled so much the higher you got – check out the videos below to see! We finished off at 5.30pm and headed back for a few games and some chill time, before a dinner of sweet and sour chicken or curry with either rice or chips, followed by rice pudding and strawberry jam for dessert.

Our evening activity tonight was a huge game of capture the flag covering pretty much the whole site – we loved the freedom and having more fun playing out in the dark! We also had a small celebration for Luca where we shared birthday cakes, sang to him and presented him with cards. Then Mrs Harrison arrived with more cake from school’s MacMillan coffee morning – double cake! What a result! One more day to go… and we don’t want to leave!


Charlie H

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Happy birthday Luca!

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PGL Update - Day 3

Last night, we were all asleep by 11pm, meaning there were brighter faces at today’s breakfast. Again there were cooked options along with cereals, toast, yogurt and a selection of fruit. Today’s morning activities were the giant swing – wahoo! – and challenge course, which the groups completed on rotation. Many people braved the very top of the swing, but everyone had a go and there was happy squealing and smiles all round! Check out the brilliant videos and photos below! The challenge course gave lots of opportunities to work together and problem solve our way across the various obstacles, made even more tricky by having to carry water balloons across safely too!

After a lunch of baguettes and salad, we took on either rifle shooting - which was a real challenge as we aimed for small circular targets with heavy rifles - archery and the zip wire, which was a hit with everyone! At 5.30pm, we had quick showers and got ready for a slightly earlier dinner at 6.15pm, where we were given a choice of beef chilli with rice, fish fingers and chips or hoisin-flavoured Japanese noodles, polished off by some lemon drizzle cake. Delicious!

Tonight’s evening activity was a real laugh – a quiz night. We split into teams of 5 and faced rounds on Disney film characters, riddles, nursery rhymes, PGL facts and finally a music round, which ended in much singing and dancing! What a fantastic way to finish an incredible day!


Daisy & Nicole

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Grace & Izzy

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Hari & Kaiden

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PGL Update - Day 2

Well, there were certainly a few sleepy faces this morning! After a hearty cooked breakfast along with cereals, toast, yogurt and fruit, we set off for our first morning activities. Miss Sheardown & Mrs Kerr’s groups headed straight for opposite sides of the lake, whilst Mrs Bennett’s group headed off for a buggy building challenge, including learning how to tie clove hitch knots. Unfortunately for the raft-building groups at the lake, their rafts were not quite properly constructed and soon disintegrated in the water, dunking everyone in for an early-morning – and very chilly – bath! Mrs Bennett’s team made short work of making moveable buggies from oil drums, logs and rope. The groups then swapped over and tried out the other activity. Before lunch, everyone collected their purses and wallets and went over to the shop to buy a drink and sweet treat to enjoy during the evening.

After a filling lunch of pies and pasties, the afternoon consisted of either the ‘High Ropes’ course, an archery or fencing lesson. At 5.30pm, our activities came to an end and we quickly showered and changed before heading to dinner at 6.30pm. Tonight there was a choice of chicken goujons, vegetable lasagne or gammon with chips and vegetables, along with all of the usual salads and toffee apple crumble for dessert!

Tonight’s evening activity was a group challenge called ‘Splash’. Each team were provided with a water balloon and some materials to create a protective case. These were then dropped from the top of the 30ft climbing wall to test out their enclosures, but unfortunately only one group managed to succeed! It’s been a long, exhausting day…here’s hoping for restful night! Please look through the gallery below to see some of our highlights!

PGL Update - Day 1

Good evening everyone! We’ve had a great first day! After settling ourselves into our rooms, we had some free time to explore outside and were given an orientation walk of the site to see where our activities would be taking place. We then had our evening meal, where we were given the choices of lasagne, sausages or vegetable tart with a selection of potatoes and vegetables. We also enjoyed several helpings from the salad bar and finished off our meals with some chocolate cake! After dinner, it was time for our first evening entertainment activity, ‘Ambush’ – a favourite of the teachers! This involved splitting into two teams and carrying out a carefully co-ordinated huge game of hide and seek! We hid in many places, including up trees and in a WWII bunker! Lights out at 9.30, but who knows when we will all be asleep…!

Tomorrow is a day packed with 4 outdoor activities and more evening entertainment, let’s hope the weather holds out!

Welcome Back!

Welcome to our class page! Here you will find information and photos about our learning in school, from school trips and some helpful SATs & general Y6 revision pieces at the bottom of the page. Please check back regularly; it's going to be a busy year! Our learning will take place through our inspiring topics of:


- Animal planet: wonders of the wild (autumn term)










- WWII (spring term)










- Australia (summer term)


Here are a few photos of some of the highlights from last year to give you an idea of some of the fantastic experiences to come...

Year 5/6 Spelling List

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Year 6 Maths Curriculum

Year 6 SPaG Definitions

SATs Practice Papers

Year 6 Science Revision

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