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Willow Class (Y6)

PGL - Our Final Morning

Our final morning seems to have come around so quickly! It was another early wake up call at 7.15am with Mrs Webb, Mrs Bennett and Miss Sheardown having to wake everybody up, some multiple times! After breakfast we had our final morning activities; each group tried their hand at the zip wire, followed by the final sessions of archery and vertical challenge. After our activities had concluded, we headed back to the shop to pick up some souvenirs and then had a final lunch together before our collection time. Check out the gallery below to see what we got up to on our final morning!


On a final note, I would like to say a huge thank you to all of the children for this week. Mrs Webb, Mrs Bennett and I have had the most incredible time with you all. We have laughed until our stomachs hurt, enjoyed every opportunity to cheer you on, but most importantly we have loved watching those moments of sheer joy, wonder and achievement on your faces as you pushed yourselves through every challenge thrown at you, we are so proud of you all. Enjoy your half term break; I’m looking forward to June 7th already. 😊♥️

Singalong Fun

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Josh B Vertical Challenge

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Martha Zipwire

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PGL Update - Day 4

It was another sleepy start to the morning today, with everyone being dragged out of bed at 7.15am ready for breakfast. After fuelling up for the day, each group headed off for their activities. This morning some groups tried out ‘All Aboard’, a similar activity to the trapeze, whereby you had to climb a telegraph pole (with various platforms to reach on the way up) but this time with multiple people at once! Others enjoyed orienteering, where they were given some free rein to find certain targets around the site in small groups and others caught up with the rifle shooting, ‘survivor’ and giant swing activities. In the afternoon, each group tried their hand at buggy building, using barrels, logs and ropes (with some newly-taught clove hitch and square lash knot-tying skills) to create a rideable vehicle, which was great fun. 
Today we also celebrated Annabelle’s birthday with a fabulous cake dropped off by her mum which we greatly enjoyed! To top off our final day, we enjoyed a live-action game of cluedo where we had to use a map to visit various characters around the site, complete challenges and be rewarded with clues. A fabulous finish to a lovely day, even the sun made an appearance! 😊🌤


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Fin & Zach Giant Swing

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Buggy Building

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PGL Update - Day 3

What another action-packed day! This morning, Miss Sheardown, Mrs Webb and Mrs Bennett had to wake everybody up at 7am; they were all quite refreshed as not a peep was heard after 10.30pm last night! Breakfast consisted of a hot selection, porridge, cereals, toast and fruit, in the same style as yesterday and then we got straight into our morning activities. Today every group did raft building, a real highlight of the week where we all got soaked and had a splash around in the FREEZING cold water and sensory trail, a hilarious activity where each group were blindfolded and had to work their way through an extremely muddy obstacle course! There was a lot of laughter! After a lunch of sandwiches (made to order from a selection of 5 fillings), some groups also experienced the fantastic giant swing, vertical challenge course, ‘survivor’ or rifle shooting. Activities finished at 5.30pm and dinner followed, with a choice of chicken curry, rice and naan bread or fish fingers with homemade wedges, followed by a muffin. Tonight’s evening activity was a group campfire (pictures to follow). Lots of pictures below - it’s very slow to upload photos on the WiFi here so here are a small selection from each group! 

Campfire Evening 

Campfire Games

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Emmy, Lily & Molly Giant Swing

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Latiesha & Josh B Giant Swing

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Sensory Trail

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PGL Update - Day 2

Today has been jam-packed from start to finish! Breakfast consisted of options of sausages, hash browns, beans, toast, tomatoes and mushrooms, plus a selection of cereals and fruit which fuelled us for the day. Today, all groups experienced the climbing wall, trapeze, a selection of problem solving activities and ‘splash’ (a team game to try and protect a water balloon being dropped from the top of the climbing wall with some cardboard, string and tape). Additionally, some tried their hands at archery and others experienced orienteering or ‘survivor’, a woodland-based activity involving making dens, light small fires and whittling. These activities are rotated throughout the week so every group will try out everything. 😊 

Each group had 2 activities during the morning, before a lunch of soup and salad with either a jacket potato with cheese, beans or tuna, or rice with chilli, or a concoction of all! Then it was back out for two more activities before dinner, where there was a choice of peri peri chicken or beef bolognese with pasta, roasted potatoes and a selection of vegetables, followed by raspberry ripple ice cream. Afterwards we were treated to a visit to the shop where everyone had the opportunity to purchase a sweet treat and a drink to enjoy in the evening prior to our late activity. We are so thankful that the rain cleared off at lunchtime today - long may it continue! 

Enjoy the gallery of images below - we are loving our time here! 

*️⃣ Please note, images and videos are very tricky to upload with the patchy internet here - this is just a small selection! *️⃣

Emmy & Cian Climbing

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Matthew Trapeze

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Problem Solving

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Group 1 Splash

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Splash Group 2

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Splash Group 3

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PGL Update - Day 1

We’ve had a great start to our residential trip! After arrival, we had a few minutes to set out our bedding and grab our coats before going on an orientation walk of the site, where we had an opportunity to ask questions about the different activities and structure of the week. After this, we had some free time where many of us unpacked, chatted in our rooms and some people played football or hide and seek in the pouring rain! Dinner tonight was sweet and sour chicken with a side of either rice or chips and vegetables, with donuts and fruit for pudding. 
There was then a little bit more free time to play before our evening activity. Due to the weather, our campfire has been postponed until later on in the week and we took part in a quiz instead. We had a range of rounds on things such as chocolate, Disney and PGL itself. It was very close with only 9 points between the highest and lowest score! 
We’ve also had fun celebrating Molly’s birthday by singing to her after dinner and sharing cakes and sweets, she was also given a card from all of the staff at PGL. 
At 9pm we then went back to our dorms to shower and get settled down for the evening, with lights out at 9.45... we will update tomorrow with just how much sleep people had! Have a look at the photos below for more! 😊🎉


Quiz Night!

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Arrival Games

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Feelgood Fridays!

Since returning to school, we have implemented 'Feelgood Fridays', time for us to enjoy activities together which are beneficial to our wellbeing and focus on key life skills such as relaxation, mindfulness and resilience and that encourage a positive mindset. Here's what we've enjoyed so far:


Week 1 - Linking to our current Australia topic, today we used organic materials such as leaves and berries to create some natural paints by grinding these with stones until they released their colourful pigments. We then used these natural dyes to create some spray art, linking back to our learning about how Aboriginal people created rock spray art using this method. 


Week 2 - This week as part of the first week of our 30-day wellbeing challenge, we have been focusing on a positive mindset and considering the qualities of people who are positive influences around us. We worked on a collaborative art project during this afternoon where we all contributed to a corridor display which brought our attention to the idea of being mindful and how to be a positive influence for our family and friends. 


Week 3 - This week was all about having a healthy amount of exercise. Every day we recorded how much time we had spent being active in our wellbeing challenge books and we spent the afternoon outside for some extra exercise, where we tied in themes of resilience when facing challenges, good sportsmanship (linking back to last week's idea of being a good role model) and discussed the benefits of exercise on our body both physically and mentally. 


Week 4 - Our third week focused on healthy eating habits, especially the snacks that we choose for ourselves. During this 'Feelgood Friday', we explored the idea of eating in full colour and had the opportunity to try out a range of new foods such as papaya, pomegranate and passion fruit. Have a look at the fantastic photos of our 'rainbow plates' in the gallery below.


Week 5 - Due to our residential trip next week, we enjoyed a bit of an end of term treat. To conclude our Australia learning topic, we followed a recipe to create some Lamingtons, a traditional Australian treat. We divided the steps of the recipe up equally so that everybody could contribute to the end product, there are some great photos of us enjoying these below! 

Our Weekly Timetable

Below is our weekly timetable, in effect from Monday 8th March, with PE days now on Mondays and Thursdays. Please note that we will still use Google Classroom for Homework (assigned on a Friday, due by the following Wednesday).


We are so glad to have you all back in school! smiley


Outstanding Home Learning
Below are a compilation of documents and photos showing just a fraction of the outstanding home learning completed during the school closure from January 8th-March 8th. We are so proud of everything you have done whilst learning at home and are so proud to share some of your wonderful achievements here.

Cian's Declaration of War Speech

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Molly's Science: Shadow Theatre

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Celebrating World Rainbow Day 2020

Year 6 Yearly Overview
This document shows what skills and themes we will be studying in each of our non-core curriculum subjects. 

Year 5/6 Spelling List

Year 6 SPaG Definitions

SATs Practice Papers

Year 6 Science Revision

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