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Homework (Friday 25th September)

In science, over the next few lessons we will be thinking about genetic inheritance. We will be looking at this in the context of animals and would also like to think about this in our own families. If possible, please could you send a photograph of your family into school for us to look at what physical genetic traits may have been passed down (such as eye colour / hair colour etc.). We’ll be looking mostly from parent to child, but grandparents photos are welcome too! If this is not possible, I am happy for you to look at my family photos for this. We will be looking at this in our science lesson on Wednesday 30th September, so please send any photos in by then. If you are sending in photos and would like the original photos back, please mark this clearly so that we can photocopy it in preparation for the lesson. Otherwise, please email digital photos to sarah.sheardown@navenby.lincs.sch.uk


In addition to this, I would like you to try to take a picture of you reading in the most unusual place possible! This will be a wonderful addition to our noticeboard in our reading area in the classroom to show that our imaginations can take us anywhere; no matter where we truly are. Maybe you’ll be reading whilst bouncing on a trampoline, reading with a family pet or even whilst climbing a tree! Again, please email or provide copies of these photos. To accompany this, I would like you to write a short piece about your favourite book and why it is your favourite. This can be hand-written or typed; I've attached an example below for you to have a look at:


Deadline - Wednesday 30th September.


Enjoy your weekend, thank you all for another wonderful week smiley 


Miss Sheardown x

Welcome Back!

Welcome to our class page! Here you will find information and photos about our learning in school, school trips and some helpful SATs & general Y6 revision pieces at the bottom of the page. Currently, we have PE on a Tuesday and Friday afternoon. Please check back regularly for updates; it's going to be a busy year!



Throughout the year, our learning will take place through our inspiring topics of:


- Animal Planet: Wonders of the Wild (Term 1)

















- The Victorian Era: Golden Age or Dark Age (Term 2)


- WWII (Terms 3 & 4)
































- Australia (Term 5)


- 1960s - Modern Day: Life in a Changing, Digital World (Term 6)



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