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World War II

Since the start of term 3, we have been learning all about World War II and it's impact in terms of our local area and in a wider, global sense. Through this, we have developed the following skills:


Upon our return to school on the 8th March, we had an art day where we studied the style of Henry Moore, a sculptor-turned-sketch artist during WWII. He lived through the experiences of the Blitz in London and expressed his emotions through abstract art with vivid colour choices to express emotion. We began the day by studying his work 'Eighteen Ideas for War Drawings', interpreting the sketches in our own personal way. We then practised mimicking his style in our sketchbooks, revising techniques we had learnt before Christmas such as cross-hatching, feathering and linear work. Have a look at the gallery below for some of our pieces.


Linked to the 'Make Do & Mend' initiative, we have been learning how to sew in school. We were first introduced to this in Year 4 with Mrs Harrison and have now refined our skills in back stitch, running stich and cross stitch. In our gallery below are photos of our 'samplers' we made as a practise run and now we are crafting some WWII designs. 


We've also had a go at some sewing for homework. Here are some great pieces handed in so far:



As part of our WWII topic we have been learning all about different geographical regions. We have located the key countries involved on maps and talked about their different positions. We have also discussed how features such as the English channel played a crucial role in securing the success of events such as Operation Overlord (the D-Day Landings), why the attacks on Pearl Harbor in the Pacific were so important and have learnt about key regions where battles took place. 


A huge amount of our topic work has been history-based as we have followed the chronology of WWII to structure our topic. So far we have covered:


- Britain and Germany after The Great War

- How did the Nazis rise to power

- Kristallnacht and the early stages of the Holocaust

- Who were Neville Chamberlain, Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler

- Evacuation

- The Kindertransport

- WWII propaganda: British, American & German

- Rationing

- The Blitz

- Bletchley Park, Alan Turing & the Enigma Code

- The stranding at Dunkirk

- D-Day (Operation Overlord)

- The Dambusters (Operation Chastise)

- The Dickin Medal & Medals of Honour

- Anne Frank's life

- The bombing of Pearl Harbour & the development of atomic weaponry (The Manhatten Project)


Have a look at our selected highlight reel below and some fantastic work by Willow Class!

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