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Since the start of term 5, we have been learning all about Australia and have been comparing it's history and Geography to that of Britain, as well as learning about the traditional lives of the Indigenous people before the arrival of the First Fleet.


Our focus this term has been looking at colour and pattern and what these may represent in a certain culture. We studied the Aboriginal practice of dotwork and decorated some boomerangs using authentic colour choices, patterns and symbols which have symbolic meaning. 


We’ve also been studying traditional Aboriginal crafts. Again we tried to incorporate how specific colours are associated with set things, such as new life and fertility, and how symmetry, pattern and line are synonymous with this culture. We delicately painted wooden beads to make Aboriginal-style necklaces and bracelets, using some authentic symbols as the Indigenous people do.


A large part of the focus for this topic has been learning about the geography of Australia. We've researched statistics, famous landmarks and land use of the different states and mapped these in small groups.


Captain Cook: A Man Who Changed the Course of History

Captain James Cook (b. 1727 – d. 1779) was an English explorer. He began his career as an apprentice aged 18, working for a merchant seamen, before enlisting in the Royal Navy. He was skilled at surveying, navigating and cartography (map-making) and was soon given command of his first ship, Endeavour.  On this journey in 1770, he docked his ship at a place named Botany Bay, a place which was earmarked as an ideal location for a future penal colony...

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