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We are currently reading 'The Battle of Cable Street' by Tanya Landman, a tale of a young pair of siblings named Elsie and Mikey who live in Stepney during the 1930s. In the wake of The Great War, fascism begins to rise across the city as Elsie learns of Oswald Mosley and The British Union of Fascists' Blackshirts...


Reviews for this book:


yes'Fast paced action packed that somehow still is full of emotion and so many historical facts I didn’t know. Loved this book!'

yes'This is such an important book that all young people should read!'

yes'Superb background to a key event in British history.' 

yes'I thought this was brilliantly done. It captures the mood of interwar Britain perfectly and looks at an event that is often over looked in modern history. I will be recommending this frequently!'

yes'Yet another winner that deserves all the hype from one of my favourite publishers...I also loved how sensitive topics and events are handled with so much care here...Not only does this book provide a lesser-known perspective about Britain's part in the war, it also celebrates the courage of people who stood together, shoulder to shoulder, against racism and antisemitism...An illuminating, wonderful, important and timeless read all at once.



Year 6 End of Year Reading Expectations

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