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We are currently reading 'The Girl of Ink & Stars' by Kiran Millwood Hargrave, a tale written from the perspective of a young girl who embarks on a dangerous quest to find her missing friend with many twists, turns and deadly surprises along the way...


Reviews for this book:


"The Girl of Ink and Stars was a haunting, captivating tale - one that left tingles up my spine long after I'd finished reading. 

🌟 The maps. The whole book was filled with pretty designs and tiny details of maps 
🌟 Isabella! She was so brave, intelligent and she took no nonsense from anyone and she was incredibly headstrong for a young girl
🌟 The story. It's so beautiful and it grips you from the very first page and doesn't let you go. It's impossible to put this one down - I finished this book in just a few days.
🌟 All the legends are true in this book. Yes they are. And there are so many monsters - both human and inhuman. After a while you even start looking over Isa's shoulder for her because nowhere is safe. 

The Girl of Ink and Stars was a story of magic, myths, and monsters; a story of courage, kindness, heartbreak, and most of all - hope. Reading it completely enchanted me, and I won't be forgetting this book any time soon!"


"There are not a lot of better things to get in a book when the cover is as beautiful as the story but this was just that. I really loved this because it was just purely about magic, friendship, adventure and bravery. 

I was really happy when Isabella wasn't one of those typical characters who find out she has magical powers. She was a normal human that had a magical way with maps.

When I read it, it was quite fast-paced and that was one of the main things that kept my attention. I was never bored because there was always something going on. Kiran Millwood Hargrave did a brilliant job of keeping her readers hooked and getting them emotionally connected to her characters.

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a magical adventure.



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