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We are currently reading 'In the Mouth of the Wolf' by Michael Morpurgo, a tale written from the perspective of an elderly man reminiscing about his experiences of war as a pacifist, which were in stark contrast to those of his younger brother who enlisted early.


Reviews for this book:

"Based on the real-life events of author Michael's uncles during WW2, In The Mouth Of The Wolf is told with both emotional prose and stunning illustrations. It wasn't an easy read, but both men were interesting to read about. The first one (Pieter) joins the RAF right away to fight, but the second one (Francis) doesn't. He really doesn't want to get involved in warfare, until life-changing news changes everything. Soon, Francis has to choose between the battlefields or staying at the farm he works at. Historical and important, a must-read!" yes


"'In the Mouth of the Wolf' is the kind of tale that if you didn't know that it was based on a true story, you would believe it could never have really happened. In many ways, the story was told in a very matter-of-fact way, but I believe that that is what makes it so powerful. And it was completing compelling even though you knew that Francis, having celebrated his 90th birthday at the start of the book, had obviously survived the war - or perhaps the draw was the fact that you did know this. Certainly, as a reader, l felt an overriding desire throughout the novel to know the who, what, when, where, why and how of Francis' life - and his survival.
Once again, Michael Morpurgo has produced a wonderful story for children, but at the same time is completely enjoyable for adults. An absolute delight, not to be missed!"

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