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Spring Term 1 - Electricity and Forces



To know that electricity is needed to make some things work.

To know that some appliances need batteries and some use mains electricity to work.



To explore that cars move quicker on different surfaces.

To sort objects using a magnet. 

Summer Term 1



We will be finding out what a plant needs to grow. The class will be conducting an experiment using basil seeds and letting them grow in different conditions.

Stay tuned to see how we get on!


Animals (including humans)

We will learn about animal and human offspring and what they need to grow into healthy adults. For example, just like a plant, humans and animals need water!

Spring Term 2


Animals (including humans)

This term, some of our Science links closely with PSHE. We will look at the importance of exercise and a balanced diet. We will also be touching on personal hygiene and understanding how to keep ourselves clean and healthy.


Seasonal Changes

This topic will be a recap of Year 1 learning. We will look at the four seasons and identify what makes each one different. 

Summer Term 2


Living things and their habitats

- We will be investigating the difference between things that are alive, dead or have never been alive.

- We will look at habitats and discuss how animals have adapted to where they live. 


- We will also be researching and describing how animals obtain their food from plants and other animals. We will create a simple food chain to show this. 

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