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Tuesday 13th October

For this week I would love the children to find out exactly where they live looking closely at their own street name and finding out different places nearby. 

As this week in school we will be taking a trip to Mrs Smith's Cottage and this will help guide their learning. We have looked at various maps and what the symbols mean. 

I have set some maths work on Mathletics for your child to explore. This week we have been looking at using the + and - sign and how we can check our answer by using the inverse operation. There is also some work on purple mash for your child to explore. 

Keep sending in your photos of your child reading at home 😀 

Tuesday 6th Oct

For this week, please can the children write their surname and decorate it. I would love these to be valued in our school. I will attach a photo of mine over the weekend. You can complete this any way you would like - 2D or 3D. 


Also can any research based on surnames be brought in at the same time, so I can use this for the week after in a History lesson.


Please could you also send in a photo of you reading your favourite book. As a school we are trying to promote reading at home and in school, I would love to create a display with all your photos from reading in various places. It will be lovely to hear all about your favourite books and stories. 

Feel free to email any photos to : kari.yarsley@navenby.lincs.sch.uk


Thank you for all your hard work,

Miss Yarsley 

Tuesday 29th September 

Week 4

Adding the endings -ing, -ed and -er to verbs where no change is needed to the root word.












Week 3 - 22nd September

Here are some spellings to practice for this week. 

A whole term project

Today (15.9.2020)

I have sent out a document which is the Year 1 home learning project for this term. Mostly it is topic based. 

Any learning which is completed here will benefit them in school. I would love to find out where exactly your surname has originated from or even more about your home town/local area. I am aware a lot of you live in Navenby itself but I know all of you will produce different styles of learning back. I am excited to hear all about it. 

Week 2 - w.c. 14th September

Weekly homework will be sent out on a Tuesday, and handed in on a Friday. I will then leave it over the weekend to quarantine before marking any work. Weekly homework will consist of reading and spellings. Sometimes there may be some maths learning to complete.

Feel free to send anything on class dojo or to my school email. But any paper copies must be handed in on a Friday please.


Thank you for understanding.


Miss Yarsley


3rd September:

As you have found out our new topic is called 'The Fabulous Family Feeling'. 


For homework I would love you to draw a picture of yourself with your family and label. If you can it would be lovely for you to send me some photos of you and your family. Either to my email or on ClassDojo. In the classroom we have a family tree cleared for me to place photos of you and your family. 


You are welcome to send me photos of yourself with grandparents, cousins etc. I would love to fill our class tree with your pictures.


My email is:



Thank you 

Miss Yarsley

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