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Summer Term 2 - The Seaside


This term we are learning about the seaside and we are hoping to visit one before the end of term. More information about this coming soon!


In History, we are looking at Victorian holidays and comparing them to modern ones.

How did they travel to the seaside? What did they do there? What did they wear?


In Geography, we will discover how the coastline has changed over time. We will discuss erosion, pollution and man-made changes.

Spring Term 2 - Intrepid Explorers


This term we will be learning about famous explorers, including Christopher Columbus!


In Geography, we are going to be using Atlases to locate the oceans and seven continents of the World and use our compass directions to navigate a map.


In History, we will be exploring the journey Christopher Columbus took and the challenges he faced. Do you why we remember him?

Spring Term 1 - Hall of Fame


During this term, we learnt about famous/significant people in History.

We focussed on three nurses, Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole and Edith Cavell. 


Can you remember why they are significant?

Who was your favourite?


In Geography, we used a World map to discover where our three nurses travelled to during their lifetimes.

Our Real Life Heroes display

Summer Term 1 - Africa


This term we will be learning about Africa!


In History, we will briefly explore how human rights in Africa have changed over time.


In Geography, we will compare Navenby to villages in Kenya, understanding the differences and similarities between them. For example, jobs and facilities.

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