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Welcome back Term 5- Summer Newsletter 1


I hope you have all had a great Easter. In school we have hit the ground running in term 5: studying Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet in English, adding and subtracting numbers up to thousandths in maths, dissecting flowers in science, research what life was like in Tudor times for children in History and focusing on wellbeing in PSHE.


Below is our Summer Term 1 newsletter with all of the latest updates for Year 5. I hope you find this information useful. I will be available at the gate after school most afternoons, so please do not hesitate to catch me if you have any questions.


Best Wishes,

Mr. Swain

Homework (Week 5: Friday 26th March 2021)


LO: to recall multiplication facts quickly

This week’s maths homework is an individual challenge. Having completed a baseline test in school, the children have now been set an individual times table challenge on Times Tables Rockstars in ‘Garage mode’. For example, this may focus on just the ‘6’ times tables because it is an area your child needs to work on.


For a bit of fun, I have also set up a healthy competition in the form of a ‘Rock Slam' between everyone in Year 5. The aim in the Rock Slam is to earn as many points as possible and be top of the leaderboard. This will run until Wednesday, 31st October at 6pm.

HOMEWORK TASK- Play at least 10 games in Garage mode.



LO: to write a science fiction story. Having learnt about the genre of science fiction over the past few weeks I would like the class to write their own science fiction stories. Please see Google Classroom for further details!


Have a wonderful weekend,

Mr Swain

Welcome back Year 5- March Newsletter


First and foremost, I want to say thank-you to Year 5 for their wonderful efforts during lockdown learning, they were all superstars. Last Monday, it was brilliant to have all of the children back in school as a group and heart warming seeing everyone catch up with their friends and sharing their stories. To ensure a smooth transition back into school, alongside our usual curriculum, the class will have a firm focus on mental, physical and social well-being, which is explained further in the newsletter below. There are also plenty of engaging, fun activities to look forward to during the remainder of this term based around our topic, ‘What a disaster.’ We will be learning all about tectonic plates, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis and significant events linked to these natural disasters. Please have a look at the newsletter below for further details about our return to school.


Mr. Swain

Celebration of Home Learning

English- Titanic News report

Still image for this video

Maths- Line graphs

World Book Day- The Masked Reader

Still image for this video
Can you guess who the masked readers are?

World Book Day Challenge- Can you guess our favourite stories from the jars?

DT/Art- Our Titanic models

Remote Learning Timetable


Hi everyone,


Please find attached the timetable for Year 5s online learning. Sorry for the late announcement, myself and Miss Reynolds have had a variety of issue with technology since the school's server was updated at Christmas. We are hoping to do live lessons tomorrow- as stated on the timetable- but this will only be maths and English so that our laptops can be repaired in the afternoon. We have created learning packs for you all to have at home which can be collected from school. These include an English and maths book amongst other learning resources. If you have not collected yours today please contact the school office to arrange a safe and suitable time to do this.


We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow,

Mr Swain and Miss Reynolds

Recommended reading for year 5


Below are the links to a brilliant website which recommends reading books for all ages. Please take a look to find your next home reading title.


Mr Swain


Best Books for Year 3 | Top 100 Recommended Reads | The Reader Teacher

Best Books for Year 4 | Top 100 Recommended Reads | The Reader Teacher

Best Books for Year 5 | Top 100 Recommended Reads | The Reader Teacher

Best Books for Year 6 | Top 100 Recommended Reads | The Reader Teacher

Homework (Term 2- Week 5: Friday 4th December 2020)


Homework Task

This week’s homework is detailed on Google Classroom. Elm Class have also been given a login to Mathletics, an online learning platform for the broader skills in maths. As always, if you are having any issues, please send me an email. Thomas.swain@navenby.lincs.sch.uk


I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I am really looking forward to the next two weeks where the Christmas spirit floods into school. It is my favourite time of year!


Mr Swain

Homework (Term 2- Week 4: Friday 27th November 2020)


Homework Task

This week’s homework will again be completed on Google Classroom. As time has progressed both myself and the children have become more and more confident using the platform and I would like this to continue incase of a bubble closure or whole school lockdown. As always, if you are having any issues with this, please send me an email. Thomas.swain@navenby.lincs.sch.uk


It was brilliant to speak to all of the parents over the past two weeks and discuss the progress, successes and next steps for your wonderful children.


I hope you enjoy your weekend- mine will involve putting up a Christmas tree!


Mr Swain

Homework (Term 2- Week 3: Friday 20th November 2020)


Homework Task

To continue to familiarise ourselves with the online platform, this week’s homework will again be completed on Google Classroom. If you are having any issues with this, please send me an email and I will endeavour to rectify it quickly. Thomas.swain@navenby.lincs.sch.uk


Psalm 100

Congratulations to all of the Year 5 children for learning and recalling Psalm 100 and a huge thank-you to Mr Housam for being part of this tradition. We hope you are all proud of your achievement this week.




TTRS Battle of the Bands

Another big well done to year 5 for winning this weeks battle of the bands. In the coming week, I will be handing out certificates for the MVPs (Most Valuable Players) and for those children who have become Rockstars.


I hope you all have a restful weekend,

Mr Swain



Homework (Term 2- Week 2: Friday 13th November 2020)


Homework Task

This week our homework will again be conducted on Google Classroom.


Psalm 100

Just a gentle reminder that on Monday morning- Mr Housam from the Joy foundation will be coming to school to test our knowledge of Psalm 100 and hand out the Bibles. For the children who requested it, please remember your group and the part of the Psalm you need to practice.


TTRS Battle of the Bands

This week there will be a 'Battle of the Bands' on Timestables Rockstars between Year 5 and Year 6. If anyone has any issues logging in please email me so that I can help you out (thomas.swain@navenby.lincs.sch.uk)


I hope you have a fantastic weekend,

Mr Swain

Homework (Term 2- Week 1: Friday 6th November 2020)


Homework Task

This week our homework will be conducted on Google Classroom- please see the school newsletter and the attached information sheet on how this platform operates for further information. In Year 5 each child has had their username and password for the platform placed on the inside of their reading diary. Our Classroom will be upto date and running from Saturday (07/11/2020). If there are any concerns with Google Classroom, following this weekend’s homework task, then please get in touch and we can help resolve any issues.


Psalm 100

It is a tradition at Navenby School to present our Y5 pupils with a Bible at the Harvest Service to acknowledge the fact that they have learnt a psalm from the Bible. As you know, the Harvest Service did not take place this year but we would still like to give the children the opportunity to earn their Bible. The Psalm was sent home as part of the half term homework and Mr Housam has kindly offered to test the children on the Psalm when he visits to lead collective worship on Monday 16th November. As we are aware some pupils may find it difficult to remember the whole psalm so next week they will be placed into groups and given a part of the Psalm to read to Mr Housam. I have asked for the children to speak to me directly regarding this if they wish to be put into a group.


I hope you have a wonderful weekend,

Mr Swain

Homework (Week 7: Thursday 22nd October 2020)


As part of the FONS fundraising this year the children have made their ‘Rudolph cards’ Christmas card in school this week. These designs have been sent home in an envelope for you to have a look at and return on the first day back after half term. If you would like to place an order, please read the welcome letter attached to the bottom of this post.


Homework Task 1

Part of our Year 5 tradition at Navenby school is that the children are asked to learn Psalm 100 in order to receive a Bible, which the school purchase as a gift. Traditionally, this is done in time for the Harvest Service where Year 5 are presented with them.


As this year is understandably different we are asking the children to take the Psalm home to learn over half term. Then after half term, Mrs Cawthorne our Bishop’s Visitor, will come into school to test the children, usually in small groups. If they have learnt Psalm 100 well enough then they will be presented with their Bible in school. The children have been sent home with a copy of Psalm 100 and there is also an electronic copy attached below. If you have any further questions about this, please email me directly. Thomas.swain@navenby.lincs.sch.uk


Homework Task 2

I would like to continue our times tables practice by encouraging everyone to play on Times Tables Rock Stars for five minutes everyday- this little and often approach has a fantastic impact on both speed and fluency.


Finally, thank-you to Year 5 for a fantastic term so far, it has been a pleasure to get to know you and I’m really excited about working with you all for the rest of the year. Have a nice half-term break.


Mr Swain

Homework (Week 6: Friday 16th October 2020)



This week’s maths homework is focused on learning and recalling important facts from the year 5 curriculum. Attached is a sheet that contains knowledge that is essential learning by the end of year 5. Any help and support to learning and quickly recall this information will have a positive impact on your child. Some of the areas on the fact sheet have not been taught in school such as percentages, converting fractions to decimals and formulas for area, perimeter and volume however any discussions around these will be beneficial in the coming months of learning. 


There is also a battle of the band taking place between year 4 and year 5 this week. So lets try and win again!



English. Please see the attached document below.


Deadline- Wednesday, 21st October 2020


Have a fabulous weekend,

Mr Swain and Miss Wood

Homework (Week 5: Friday 9th October 2020)



This week’s maths homework keeps our focus firmly on learning and recalling the timestables, through Timestables Rockstars (set in the garage section of the game) and the additional worksheets below.



SPAG, Reading and English. These activities have been selected to reinforce our recent class learning on vocabulary, dictionary work and reading skills. There are two levels of challenge- tricky and trickier- only one needs to be completed.


Deadline- Wednesday, 14th October 2020


Have a wonderful weekend,

Mr Swain

Homework (Week 4: Friday 2nd October 2020)


This week’s maths homework is both a class and individual challenge. On TTRS the children have now been set an individual times table challenge in ‘Garage mode’. For example, this may focus on just the ‘6’ times tables because it is an area your child needs to work on.


For a bit of fun, I have also set up a bit of healthy competition in the form of a ‘Battle of the Bands’ between Year 5 and Year 6. The aim in the battle is to collectively earn more coins than the other class by playing on any form of the game. This will run until Thursday, 8th October at 6pm.

HOMEWORK TASK- Play at least 10 games in Garage mode.



In RE this term, we are looking at how our religious beliefs effect the way we live our lives. This includes how the bible teaches Christian values through parables and stories. For homework, I would like the children to make an A4 poster (to go on display in classroom) that includes their favorite quote or piece of wisdom. Some good examples are included below, including one from Mr Swain's mum!


Have a wonderful weekend,

Mr Swain

Homework (Week 3: Friday 25th September)

This weeks homework is based around learning and recalling times tables facts. When it comes to times tables, speed and accuracy are important- the more facts your child remembers, the easier it is for them to do harder calculations.


With this in mind, I have created an individual account on a learning platform called Times Tables Rockstars for the whole of year 5. The platform will be used throughout the year so a copy of your child's username and password have been stuck inside of their reading diary. 


HOMEWORK TASK- Play at least 10 games in Studio mode.

(This will help set a baseline for your child so that we can then set targets and challenges in school).

Deadline- Tuesday, 29th September


This afternoon, I have showed Elm class how the platform works and I have attached a guide for parents below. Timetables Rockstars is also available as a free downloadable app on android or apple devices, just search for it in the relevant store.


I hope your children enjoy it! Have a wonderful weekend,

Mr Swain






Homework (Week 2: Friday 18th September)

So far in our topic work year 5 have looked at the contenders to the English throne in 1066 and the famous battles that took place during this period including the battle of Hastings. For your homework this week, I would like you to research and find information about the two types of castle William the conqueror built during his reign. These were the Motte and bailey castle and the Stone keep castle.


You may choose to create an informative PowerPoint presentation, fact-file or report (either on the computer or on paper) or perhaps create a poster - the choice is yours. Work can be brought in from home to be marked or digital files can be emailed directly to me at thomas.swain@navenby.lincs.sch.uk


Deadline – Thursday 24th September.


Have a lovely weekend and thank-you all for a wonderful start to the year.


Mr Swain

Homework update


To ensure we are COVID safe can I ask that the homework tasks are returned to school in your child's homework book on a Tuesday each week (the first piece being now due in on Tuesday, 22nd September). The books will then be left for a period of 72 hours, marked and handed back out on Friday. This will mean there is a tight turn around for homework but I believe feedback on the tasks is vital.


Thank-you for your support with this and if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to email me directly on thomas.swain@navenby.lincs.sch.uk


Mr Swain



Homework W/C 7th September- please complete these tasks in the homework book (sent home 11/09/2020). Homework books should currently be kept at home, further information will be provided on this soon as the guidance is constantly being reviewed

  • English- To create a poster all about 'Prepositions'. Please see the examples belowPreposition poster 1


Welcome to Year 5

Navenby C of E Primary School - Class 5 - September 2020


A Very Warm Welcome Back....


We hope that you all had a lovely summer. Welcome to Elm class, who are busy settling into life as Year 5 getting to know more about each other and our new teacher. This year, Mr Swain will teach the class alongside our fabulous teaching assistants Miss Reynolds and Mrs Woolsey, who will also cover Mr Swain’s planning time on Wednesday afternoons. We have planned some exciting topics for the year ahead and these will be shared with parents through knowledge organisers published on our class page of the school’s website


Physical Education


This term PE will take place on a Tuesday and Thursday, however we request that your child brings their PE kit in with them on a Monday and then takes it home to be washed every Friday. If your child is unable to take part in a PE activity, please send a note into school. Unless circumstances dictate, children will still be expected to change into their PE kit and participate as non-physical performer. This may include observing, assessing, providing feedback, officiating or using ICT to capture images within the lesson. If children forget all or part of their PE kit a polite note will be recorded in their reading diaries.


Lost Property & Cloakroom Space

We have a lost property box in our class cupboard, but let’s hope that we keep our belongings safe!  All children have their own lockers in the corridor where they can store all personal items.




I firmly believe home reading is still vitally important in Year 5. Please try to read regularly with your child; filling in their reading records at least 5 times a week. Regular, varied reading not only helps develop reading skills but also has a positive impact on writing standards, spelling, knowledge of grammar rules and most importantly imagination.



Homework - Posted each week on this website


English and Maths homework will be shared on the website each Friday. If children are unable to complete their homework tasks, please inform a member of the Elm class staff on Monday so we can help with any problem areas. During this term, the Year 5 pupils will also be set additional topic activities- more information on this will follow.


Website Page:

This is regularly updated and contains termly overviews of learning, homework and knowledge organisers for each of our subjects.



I hope you find this information useful. Myself or Mrs Woolsey will be available at the gate after school each day if you have any questions. Alternately if this is not possible you can email me directly on Thomas.swain@navenby.lincs.sch.uk


Best Wishes,

Mr Swain

Monday 8th June

Hi Year 5, 


I hope you are all keeping well and managing to stay entertained despite the recent rainy days! 


I've just uploaded a few more activities for maths, reading and our Mayans topic below to keep you busy should you need them smiley


Take care and keep in touch, 


Miss Todd

Year 5 Spellings Summer - Term 2

Our home learning!

Happy half term year 5! smiley


I hope you all have a lovely break! 


Below is a little starting point for our next topic...The Mayans! 


Have a go at the KWL grid (What I know and what I'd like to know), then have a look at the videoword mat and creation story to give you a taster of The Mayans...


Enjoy! yes


Miss Todd

Monday 18th May

Hi guys! 


Hope you are all well. There are some more fun Ancient Greek activities to have a go at below and some different maths activities and spelling game ideas too! 


Lovely to see the work you’ve been doing! I’m so impressed. Check it out below to see what each other has been up to - it might inspire you to have a go at them too!


Take care & keep safe, 


Miss Todd

Create a pizza or poster to remember fraction, decimal & percentage facts!

Angles activities...

Times tables and number facts activities... challenge yourself with tricky numbers!

More Ancient Greek Vase ideas to try!

Find out about the Parthenon...can you create your own?

Have a go at creating Ancient Greek wrist bands using Greek patterns...

Other fun ways to practice our spellings!

Friday 8th May

Happy VE day to all of you! 


I have attached a few activities below if you would like to learn more about VE day smiley


I would also love to hear and/or see how you celebrated this day if you did!

So please send any photos you would like to share on our class page or have a go at the writing task below!


VE day diary

 Tell me about your VE day celebrations!

What did you do? What did you learn? What was your favourite part? Why was it special? 


If you weren't able to celebrate VE day, you could write a diary about one of your favourite 'Lockdown Days' so far! 


Also, see below for some updated maths, spellings and a PE challenge! 

Maths: Graphs & charts activities....You could even create your own after collecting your own data!

Here are the spellings we would have looked at this term....how many can you learn? Remember to use fun ways and activities to help you learn them! (See below)

Spelling activity ideas...

PE competition! Fancy an active challenge?

Monday 13th April

Hi Year 5!


I hope you all have had a lovely Easter and have been keeping safe and busy these last few weeks. I would love to see some of the things you have been up to, so please email me any photos and let me know if you are happy for me to share them on this class page for others to see too! smiley


I've updated our page below with some additional activities for you to complete should you wish over the next few weeks (called 'Maths part 2', 'SPaG activities' and 'Ancient Greece' - this term's topic!). I feel there are plenty of reading, writing and spelling activities for you do on here already and so revisit those as and when you need to - or think of your own! yes


Don't hesitate to contact me if you'd like something more specific...I'm here to help and only an email away! 


Take care, keep safe and enjoy that lovely sunshine while it is here! 


Miss Todd



Hi Year 5!                                                                                                   Monday 23rd March


I really missed your faces last week! Well done for being great for your covering teachers and I hope you enjoyed the activities I prepared and sent in for you each day smiley


 Now is a strange time for us all, especially for your parents who will be trying their best to keep you safe, entertained and learning - as well as lots of important adult jobs they will be doing too like working, paying bills and jobs around the house - so please be kind to them and help them out as much as you can! They will really appreciate it and it will mean they are happier and might have more time to spend with you too heart


Hopefully you received a pack of activities to keep you going for a few days. A little each day, when you can is fine. Just do what you can, we understand it will be harder for some, but we can all try to keep our brains working - you have all worked so hard this year to learn many new things, so let's keep that going! There are new activities and resources on here for you to access when you need it over the coming weeks (see below). The weather is also beautiful at the moment, so get lots of fresh air in your gardens/outdoors and feel free to do other learning activities you've found out about too! I look forward to seeing what you've been up to, so save any special work you are proud of or take photos if you can!


Keep safe & be good! yes


Miss Todd 


P.s - Many of the activities attached below will have answers with them. Try not to be tempted to look until afterwards to see how successful you have been and what you need to improve on. I will also attach some other work to do too if you happen to find these a bit tricky (as we are only half way through Year 5, we do not expect you to know how to do everything so don't worry!).



Here is a guide to our Year 5 daily time table if it helps structure your day... (Twinkl also has a daily timetable of activities you can follow too if you feel you need it!) I've put some recommended timings on there which are different to our school day but are just a suggestion - some days or activities might not go to plan so don't worry!  And make sure you factor in some well-needed family time too... smiley


  • Reading (10 - 20 mins)
  • Maths (30 - 45 mins)


  • Writing and/or Spelling, Grammar & punctuation  (30 - 45 mins)


  • Spellings (10 - 15 mins)
  • Topic/Science - Space & the solar system (30 mins)


  • PE/outdoor learning or Art & crafts (30 mins) 



MATHLETICS - You should all know your log ins, but if for any reason you have forgotten just send me an email. I am just waiting to receive my log in (which is currently at school) so I can open up all the areas for you. In the meantime, access what you can and enjoy some LIVE! Mathletics too!


PURPLEMASH - Again, you should all have log ins. Email me if forgotten/lost. This online resource has a bit of everything! 


TOPMARKS - free online games and activities for every topic. We often do the 'Daily 10' (maths) in class. Speed Challenge and Hit the Button - are good for mental maths challenges such as times tables, addition, subtraction and division too!


The Egg Drop experiment & Typhoon Tour @RAF Coningsby

Our finished Titanic models!

Titanic Model Making!

Annabelle brought in a framed Titanic SOS message!

Water Resistance Races!

Defying Gravity Experiment!

Year 5 annual overview - Text version

Year 5 annual overview - Screen shot



We all know how sometimes we can find ourselves just itching to extend our learning further when we're not at school, so to make it that little bit easier Year 5's are assigned homework each week (out on a Friday and in on a Wednesday).  This will primarily be an English or Maths task but may also take the form of research or an extended project based around our Topics.  It is also great to see the children taking learning in to their own hands and we love sharing work brought in to school that the children have felt inspired to do in their own time at home too.


 Any additional free time can be spent completing fun activities on Mathletics, Spellodrome and Purple Mash - children all have their own log ins which can be found in their homework books. 


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