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Dear Parents, 


We will be adding a daily maths, handwriting and phonics challenge onto Tapestry for you to complete with your children. Please upload photographs and comments about what your child has been up to. In addition to this I have added some extra ideas for you to work on at home. There are also ideas for apps and websites that you can use. They have been organised into:


General home activities relating to our next topic (the great outdoors and mini-beasts). 


Phonics, with a separation of phonics phases. We have completed all phase 3 sounds so your children should be able to access these activities. For more of a challenge try the phase 4 activities and to make it easier try phase 2. There are also sentence picture prompts for your children to write a sentence about. We use these in class so your children should be familiar with them. 


Maths, there are different subjects for you to work on with your children. You can also use the number bond and doubling cards that we have sent home in the past couple of weeks. 


We very much hope to see you all soon. In the meantime, keep us updated with what you have been doing :) 


Many thanks, 


Miss Cox

Welcome to Chestnut Class!


In the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) our priority is to ensure that the children are independent, happy and secure. Wherever possible we try to follow the interests of the children, this means that our topics are always evolving and changing. By building on the children's interests and engaging with them in activities of their choice, we are able to get a deeper level of learning and give them the skills to become lifelong learners.   


Our teacher is Miss Cox and our teaching assistant is Miss Hodson. Mrs Cox comes in to bake with us on a Thursday and we have specialist PE lessons for two terms a year. The Year 6 children also work closely with us, hearing us read and helping us when we go out of school.


Our topic for this term is "Superheroes". We will be learning about ourselves as superheroes, learning to value and take care of ourselves, think about how to make sure we have healthy bodies, be super friends and be super caretakers for our planet.  We will also learn about real life superheroes in the community. We will be having visits from the emergency services and thinking about people who help us. Finally, we will create our own superheroes based on the story "Supertato". 


Our stay and play this term will be focused around Easter, where we will host an Easter Bunnies tea party for the parents to enjoy with us. 


Our PE days are Wednesday and Thursday. This term we will have PE with Miss Ward from Carre's Grammar. We will be learning Dance on Wednesday afternoon and Ball skills on Thursday with Miss Cox.  




Take a look at our planning overview for this term. This may well change slightly, as we try to follow the interests of the children as much as possible!




Picture 1 Rama and Sita Story (Diwali)
Picture 2 Making a tractor in the outdoor area
Picture 3 Role play story telling
Picture 4 Our Diyas for Diwali
Picture 5 Our Diyas for Diwali
Picture 6 Birthday invitation list
Picture 7 Numicon number bonds
Picture 8 Matching quantity (number of fingers to numeral
Picture 9 Baking for the Children in Need Bake Sale
Picture 10 Selling Cakes at the Cake Sale

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