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Maple Class (Y4)

Welcome to Year 4

Dear all Year 4 children and parents,

It was absolutely wonderful to see you all yesterday but what a very strange start to the term.  As always, your health and well-being, as well as continued engagement in learning, is of real importance to us. Following last night’s sudden announcement regarding school closures, I am writing to confirm that we will be switching to online learning from tomorrow with a gentle ease in. Below is a timetable of what you can expect our new school day to look like moving forward when we are up and running. I will be going ‘live’ on Google Classroom four times per day for an English lesson, a maths lesson, a topic lesson and an optional ‘drop-in’ for any extra support. I appreciate that not everybody can join live at specified times, especially if you are sharing your technology at home with siblings or mums and dads who may be working from home. Therefore recorded versions of these lessons will be available on our class Google Drive account, which is accessible in the top right corner of your Google Classroom Screen. 

(see letter below for a few instructions to help go live)


We will have a fun start tomorrow and if anyone is struggling I will try to help the best I can.  Please can you print off the bingo card in advance of the Roman Numerals maths session at 11 if possible or draw a 4 x 4 grid.  Also, if you didn't pick up your bags and packs today which included lollipop sticks, could you have 10 pencils/crayons to hand to form the numerals.  Thanks in advance.

Bingo Card for Wednesday

Sample of Remote Learning Schedule

Navenby C of E Primary School - Class 4 - September 2020

      A Very Warm Welcome Back....

I am absolutely delighted to be teaching this class and have been excitedly preparing the classroom and lessons ready for a great year together!  Although I have worked at the school for many years, I might not have met all of you yet so please feel free to introduce yourselves so that I can put a face to a name.  We just wish to reiterate to parents that it is essential that your child feels happy and settled back in school so that they can enjoy all the exciting learning opportunities. In the first few days back at school we have been focusing on well-being within class and new routines within class to help the children deal with the mixed emotions they maybe feeling. If you have any worries or concerns over the course of the year, please do not hesitate to come and talk to us at the gate, as we will be escorting the children out at the end of each day, or email me on deirdre.harrison@navenby.lincs.sch.uk.


Who’s who?

Similar to last year, I will be working full-time in Year 4 and we are very lucky to have the support of Mrs. O’Brien as our teaching assistant four mornings a week and two afternoons.


Meet us and our families!

Left (Mrs. Harrison with her son Dan and godson) and Right (Mrs. O'Brien with her sons)

Our classroom for returning

PE Kit

Due to the support by sports specialists and swimming throughout the year, the days that we do PE will vary from term to term.  Also the weather or other events can alter our set days therefore please ensure that every Monday morning your child brings in their fully labelled indoor and outdoor PE kit it place in their lockers, especially as Autumn is approaching. PE kit will come home on a Friday to be washed. This term we will be doing PE on Tuesday and Fridays but it is also my intention to complete a mile a day on Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays afternoon as well.

Lost Property & Cloakroom Space

We have a lost property box in our class cupboard, but let’s hope that we keep our belongings safe!  All children have their own lockers in the corridor where they can store all personal items.


As last year, the children will be given plenty of opportunities to read within school. We are placing a strong emphasis on group guided reading activities, which will take place 3 or 4 times a week.  This will ensure that all children in the class will be listened to by the Teacher and also another adult throughout the week.  Here, the focus is on exploring a variety of texts at a deeper level in order to develop inference and deduction skills for reading comprehension.  Also there is daily reading of text within Active English sessions as well as engagement with Class Books.

Parents/carers still have a huge part to play in their children’s reading development, so all the help you can continue to give is greatly appreciated. Children will have a chance to renew 'Home' books every Monday and it is requested that any returns be made on Fridays in order for books to be reissued after the weekend. If you need to keep a book for a few weeks that is absolutely fine.  We have given each child a book already but will be reviewing reading challenge over the next couple of weeks.


Homework - Posted each week on this website

Homework has to be set by the class teacher each week in accordance with whole school homework policy. In Year 4, and throughout Key stage 2, we have a strong focus on learning times tables as there is a new government test on these in Term 5 and so we ask that children practise these at home as well.  Each week I will post an online multiplication link or a worksheet to complete. Last year, all children in the school became used to our system of spaced learning for spellings.  Their personalised spelling list shows you the spellings that they will focus on each week until the end of week 5 when when they will be tested again.  Lastly, the children will have a short ‘topic’ based task that should not take more than 20-30 minutes.   The only exception to this homework routine in when the children are asked to do ‘Homework Projects’ which is part of school policy for KS2 children too.  These occur later in the Autumn term and in the Summer.  Plenty of time and explanation will be given in advance.  With any of the homework given, if there is any confusion or concerns please pop in to see me.


Website Page:

This is regularly updated and contains termly overviews of learning, homework and weekly updates on our learning and progress. It also contains useful links which will support your child’s learning.

End of Year 4 Expectations

Our High Standards in Year 4 - What we aspire to!

Homework W/C 7th September
Homework - W/C 14th September
Homework - W/C 21st September
Homework W/C 27th September

Expanded Noun Phrases: Where is Wally?

TALK FOR WRITING:  Get Descriptive

Pick someone in the picture and say “can you find the man? Oh I’m sorry I’m not being specific enough, can you find the smiling, strong man? Still too hard? Okay, can you find the tall, strong, smiling man with a blue hat and an axe? Oh wonderful, you can!”

Take it in turns..


Homework - W/C 5th October


Please try and research a job role undertaken by a Victorian Child.  We have already covered the role of children in mines and over the next fortnight we will investigate working conditions in factories so please avoid these jobs.    Instead, look at other jobs such as laundry for pay, chimney sweeps, pick pockets, rat catchers, street sellers (boot laces, shoe shines etc), farm workers (bird scaring etc), pure finders, mudlarks and crossing sweep. 


Choose one and draw a picture of a child performing the role.  Label the drawing with what the child would have to do and the conditions they would be working under. 

Please take a picture of the work and email it too me.  To show the value of the homework, I will print this off to mark before adding it into your child's topic book at school for them to see


Reminder: Retesting of Spaced Learning Spellings will be happening this week on Wednesday and Friday.

Maths Homework - Rockstars


This week's homework is based around learning and recalling times tables facts. When it comes to times tables, speed and accuracy are important- the more facts your child remembers, the easier it is for them to do harder calculations.


With this in mind, Mr. Swain has created an individual account on a learning platform called Times Tables Rockstars for the whole of Year 4.. The platform will be used throughout the year so a copy of your child's username and password have been stuck inside of their reading diary. 


HOMEWORK TASK- Play at least 10 games in Studio mode.

(This will help set a baseline for your child so that we can then set targets and challenges in school).

Deadline- Wednesday, 7th October


This afternoon, I have showed Maple class how the platform works and I have attached a guide for parents below. Timetables Rockstars is also available as a free downloadable app on android or apple devices, just search for it in the relevant store.


I hope your children enjoy it! Have a wonderful weekend,

Parents' guide to Rockstars

Homework W/C 12th October


Spaced Learning Spellings:

Hopefully you will have received the new set of personalised spellings for your child. This contains the next four weeks of spaced learning so that they can continue to learn these at home too. 


Rockstars Maths: (see above)

Many children have expressed how much they have enjoyed using this. Practise is important in preparation for the government Y4 test at the end of the year as the children will be required to know all their multiplication facts within 5 seconds!



Can you create a fact file about a Victorian reformer such as Dr. Barnado or the Earl of Shaftesbury pointing out how they change the life of children and workers? Please email me your work so I can mark it and add it into their topic work to show how it is valued.



Homework - W/C October 19th


Spaced Learning Spelling and Rockstar Multiplication as usual



On Tuesday, we are doing textured seasonal panels with oil paints on canvases which I have bought.

The children have selected colours for the seasons but have thought about a few things that they might like to add on. I will be providing sand, glitter, cotton wool, sequins, beads, leafs, twigs, petals and blossom etc but if there is anything specific they want to add to their own can they gather these this weekend to bring in for Tuesday. Lastly, we will be working with small groups throughout the day but oil paints can be difficult to get off clothing so please send your child in old clothes on Tuesday. Thank you in advance. They will be masterpieces!

Topic Project - 5 week homework commencing W/C 26th October


Below is a template from FONS for you to use if your child wishes to design a Christmas card over half-term.  I will be emailing you individually a copy of a design done by you child at school this week if you would like to use this one instead.  

There is a very quick turnaround for these FONS orders as they have to be sent back to school by Monday November 2nd.  

If anyone needs me to print off their child's Victorian Marbling Design in colour, please email me to arrange.

I have added an example below


Our Reading Area (Please email me with more pictures)

Our Art Gallery (please send in any more masterpieces to add)

Our Reflection Area - Thankfulness (we all drew a hand to represent our uniqueness to make this masterpiece)

Maths - Place Value

Orienteering (PE and Geography)

I am just aware that as we continue with home schooling and as we adjust to people return to work, it might be getting to be a progressively harder task to complete the activities. There continues to be no pressure to complete any of the work but I intend to add a few catch up Fridays to help.  If anyone would like any extra work over the next couple of weeks please email me directly and I will forward it to you.  Please look after yourselves and take care. Mrs. Harrison

Many of you were able to meet Mr. Swain this week in person when you came into school. It was absolutely lovely to see you in person. This week's learning is mainly based around Mr. Swain getting to know you better.  If you email me the work, I will respond but will also forward the work onto Mr. Swain for when he starts with us. :)


NEW!!!! A PowerPoint created by Mr. Swain so that you can learn a little more about him too!

Disney themed sporting activities from Lucy

Literacy - The literacy this week is based around writing a letter to Mr. Swain


Day 1: Use the jigsaw template.  Divide it into four sections. Plan be drawing.

In Section 1: Pictures of family and pets etc.

In Section 2: Hobbies and Interest

In Section 3: Highlights from Lockdown

In Section 4: What you most enjoy doing at school

Read through the writing section of the Year 4 Expectations to remind yourself of the type of punctuation, grammar and composition to include.



Monday - Planning a letter for Mr. Swain

Example letter for Year 3s from Mrs. Harrison

Examples of Jigsaws from your class

Tuesday - Day 2 of Letter Writing

Write a descriptive paragraph introducing yourself, your family and your hobbies/interest.  Remember to extend sentences with more information and make it interesting!

Wednesday - Day 3 of Letter Writing

In your next paragraphs talk about some of your highlights from the Lockdown period. Anything that you have particularly enjoyed doing or any positives.

Thursday - Day 4 of Letter Writing

End your letter with a paragraph about what you most enjoy doing at school, how you learn best and what you are looking forward to/what you hope to do? You may even want to ask your new teacher some questions!!!


Monday Afternoon - 'The Catch' Comprehension

Print off the comprehension. Watch the video and pause when it suggests.  This is a discussion comprehension so talk through your answers with an adult.

'The Catch' Comprehension

Tuesday - Art (Favourite piece of art recreation and why you have chosen it)

Van Gogh's Sunflowers is one of my favourites for many reasons.  It always makes me think of sunshine and happiness.  I also have fond memories of waking up to the view of the sunflower fields when visiting a friend who had moved to France.  Dan and I also chose this picture as part of one of his homework projects in Reception when he had to use plants etc from the garden to make natural paints/pigments.

Wednesday Reading Task - Choose your favourite author and then take a picture (with you in it) that reflects the author, one of their books or one of their characters.

Thursday PSHE - Superheroes (Complete this to help Mr. Swain get to know your superhero strengths etc.)

What have we been up to this week?

W/C 6th July

Tuesday - Thursday - Analyse, Plan and Draft a shape poem

Examples of Shape Poems

Monday Viking Science - Look at both the slides show and then either make butter or complete the micro-organism cards

Tuesday - History (How and when was the country unified)

Wednesday Viking Art: Visit the website below for how to create a scratch card on which to draw Viking art and look at the document below for inspiration for designs. If you need black paint, bring a small yogurt pot on Tuesday and I can give you some.

Here are some examples by Year 4 children below

W/C 29th June

Tuesday and Wednesday Literacy -Analyse limericks and then plan one of your own

Thursday Literacy - Spellings Day 8 and 9

Tuesday - History (What was life like for Vikings living in Britain?)

Wednesday - Branching Database

Lesson 2 (see the resources from last week) - Create a branching database using your planning from last week.

W/C 22nd June

Monday Literacy - Poetry Comprehension 'Leisure'

Tuesday Literacy - A-Z of Sport Related Vocabulary (Prelim. To Sport Poetry Units) Add as many sports related works for each letter

Wednesday - Choose one of the poems then analyse the structure before learning

Sheet to help analyse the structure of the poem and tips on performing

Thursday Literacy - Analyse the structure of 'Going for Gold' and then create your own verse

Sheet to help analyse 'Going for Gold' and to plan your own verse


Videos for the week

Tuesday Maths - Order money (decimals) and round the nearest whole number

On Tuesday, find 8 items from your cupboard.  Look up the cost of these items and write them as decimals ie £0.45.  Then order the cost from the lowest to the highest. Underneath round the cost to the nearest whole pound.

Monday - Why was Alfred so Great? (Slides and activity)

Tuesday - Viking Longship Art. Read about Viking Longships then create a picture

Wednesday - ICT Branching Database (This should last this week and next!!!)


1) First watch the PowerPoint - Have playing as slide so that the hyperlinks will work.

2) Look at the examples hard copy branching database which were used to create the branching database within the Powerpoint in (1)

3)Create your own branching database in hard copy by printing the planning sheet off.

4) Edit the Blank Powerpoint with your questions and info created on your hard COPY

Thursday Music - Viking Sagas Singing with tutorial

What have we been up to this week?

W/C 15th June

Within Literacy this week you can choose to either decide to follow a garden or gruesome theme.

MONDAY LITERACY - Choose one picture to look at for inspiration.

1) Write down as many nouns as possible from the picture.   

2) Extend the noun phrase by adding two adjectives punctuated a comma.

(see the garden example below)

TUESDAY LITERACY - Build on the work from yesterday by adding verbs for each noun plus an adverb.
WEDNESDAY LITERACY - To add fronted adverbials (How, when, where, similes) to give more information about the verbs and perhaps prepositions.  Consider the order of the lines and edit for sense.
THURSDAY LITERACY - Write the edited version up in neat and/or practise reading it aloud.
Weekly Maths - Including Video Links, Daily Videos and Worksheets

Monday afternoon work - choose one of the comprehension below. Answer verbally if you wish.

Tuesday afternoon work

Create an animal picture inspired by the environmental artist Andy Goldsworthy.  Here are some examples that the keyworker group completed with me this week and also there are some other ideas on the document attached.

Examples of animal environmental art

Thursday Science - Sorting animals and plants by their physical features (example below)

You could sort different types of herbs, trees, flowers, fruit, vegetables and animals by their physical appearance.  Choose one category and have a go!



Carre's Golf Challenge

Monday Literacy - Upgrade the vocabulary for you chosen myth recount from last week

Try to....

1) Expand noun phrases with adjectives and prepositions

2) Use a range of fronted adverbials (more information about the verb) i.e. when, where, how, similes

The next day, Loki took the plant

Outside, Loki took the plant

Deviously, Loki took the plant

Like an evil trickster, Loki took the plant

3) Use apostrophes to show possession ..Baldur's borthe, Loki

4) Challenge to use some the the Y3/4 target words from your spaced learning.


If you need any support in these look at the PowerPoints from Weeks 1-3 and videos

Tuesday - Thursday ....Use the upgrading from yesterday to put into you caption boxes and start creating your cartoon. There is a template provided or you can create your own layout.

Friday - Spelling Booklet Day 7-8

Monday - Reading Comprehension (Beowulf)

Tuesday - History ..Read the Belief in Gods PowerPoint and create a Quiz. The task is explained in full within the PowerPoint itself

Wednesday - Conversion to Christianity. Read the PowerPoint then fill in the gaps on the worksheet

Thursday RE - Read the 2 PowerPoints below. Complete the first oral task on the Worksheet ONLY!!!! It is to recount the start of the Christian Church when the disciples start the teaching about Christ after the Pentecost by retelling the story of what happened at this time. Next week we will complete the second part of the worksheet which is other shared beliefs.

Firstly, have a fabulous half-term and enjoy this beautiful sunshine while it lasts.


Shortly, I will be posting Home Learning for the W/C 1st June and W/C 8th June.  Remember this is a guide and there is no pressure to complete the work.  Well-being is the priority for the children during these unprecedented times. 


What we have been up to ..W/C June 1st

For after half-term - W/C 1st June

PE - Carre's Tennis Challenge

Carre's Tennis Challenge Instructions

Monday Literacy - Read the PowerPoint that explains all the features of comics. Then match the names of the features highlighted in peach on the worksheet to the pictures.

Tuesday Literacy - Read comics from this site (or any from home) and see the features in use.

Wednesday Literacy - Read these three Anglo-Saxon Myth about their Gods. They have been laid out like this for an upgrading activity next week. They read from the top, left to right. Decide which is your favourite and orally explain why.

Thursday Literacy - Write a story mountain/planner for your favourite myth from yesterday

Friday Literacy - Spelling (Day 5 and 6 from the booklet)

Monday - Reading Comprehension about Sutton Hoo

Tuesday History - Examining Artefeacts

Having read through the PowerPoint below, choose at least one of the artefacts from the slides.  Sketch it and annotate the artefacts with key information using the Historical Questions as a guide.

Wednesday DT

As part of our Reduce, Recycle and Reuse help ‘fix’ something in the home.

Thursday History -

Create an information poster or leaflet about Sutton Hoo (see full task on last slide of Tuesday's PowerPoint)

What we have been up to.....W/C 18th May

Friday - Read through the PowerPoint. Think of an action that will help you remember each of the 7 characteristics of living things. Then complete the worksheet.

Nell's Anglo-Saxon Village on Minecraft

Still image for this video

Timetable W/C 18th May

PE - Carre's Cricket Challenge

Monday Literacy - Learning about the differences between Myths and Legends

Look through the Powerpoint provided above and then see if you can complete the worksheet attached.

Think about legends and myths you know. Read a few if you can.

Tuesday Literacy - Read through the Anglo-Saxon Creation Myth to familiarise yourself with it. Then cut the strips out and shuffle. Can you now sequence the story? Retell the story to a friend trying to use synonyms to avoid the words threw, created and then. BEWARE!! The story is gruesome!!!

Wednesday and Thursday Literacy 

Drafting your own recount of this Anglo-Saxon Myth upgrading the language.  Avoid repeating then, threw and created.  Also try to include your grammar targets from the last few weeks.

1) Expanding noun phrases with adjectives and prepositions

2) Using a range of fronted adverbials

3) Showing off your ability to use speech marks and apostrophes if possible

4) Also using a few of the Y3/Y4 target spelling words from your spaced learning


Try to use a simile, metaphor or personification.

Friday - Complete Day 3 and 4 from the Spelling Booklet

Monday - Thursday Maths (Video Links for each lesson are included in the document below) Friday's challenge will be posted by Thursday

Monday History - Where the Anglo-Saxons came from and where they settled? Look at the PowerPoint and then label the maps provided.

Tuesday History - What were Anglo-Saxon Settlements like? Read through the powerpoint and then annotate the drawing of the settlement provided.

Wednesday History - Evidence of Anglo- Settlement. Read through the PowerPoint and then look at the map of our local area. Can you see evidence of Anglo-Saxon names?

Thursday Science - How changes within habitats can effect food chains and webs

Look at these websites below.  Consider how changes such as deforestation, pollution, disease or the introduction of predators might effect a food chain/web.  Briefly record you findings in whatever manner you wish.  You might want to focus on one change and how it effects one species or just looks at an number of different changes. An example has been included below for you.

Izzy's Endangered Hedgehogs PowerPoint

Friday Afternoon 


You might have noticed that the Anglo-Saxons were fairly self-sufficient and people in the villages took on different job roles such as being; farmers, blacksmiths, weavers, carpenters, potters and bread bakers etc.  There was much textile production and work with leather too.  Could you research one of these skills carried out by the Anglo-Saxons.  Children in the past have also enjoyed having a go at one of these activities.

  • Growing plants/Looking after animals
  • Working with metal, leather and wood.
  • Weaving, dyeing, felting, sewing etc
  • Pottery
  • Baking etc


Last year this was set as a mini topic over half-term.  You could spend an hour or several looking into one of these areas if it interests you...or not at all.  There is no pressure to complete any of the work.  Look after yourselves and have a great half-term.

Izzy's Anglo-Saxon Baking PowerPoint

We miss you

Still image for this video

What we have been up to..W/C May 11th

W/C Monday 11th May

Monday English - For and Against Arguments towards a Wind Farm being built in Navenby (Persuasive Writing)

Imagine a Wind Farm was to be built in Navenby - Read through and bullet point pros and cons

Tuesday English - Plan to use persuasive techniques for a letter to Councillor Overton

Look at the persuasive features powerpoint and then plan to use persuasion. You can argue either for OR against the Wind Farm.

Wednesday and Thursday English - To write a persuasive letter to Councillor Overton arguing either For or Against having a Wind Farm in Navenby

A reminder of how formal letters should be laid out.

Friday Spelling - Complete Day 1 and 2 of this spelling booklet

White Rose Maths (Monday - Friday) - Links to the daily lesson videos within this document

Friday French - Watch the video below about shopping for pizza toppings. Then try to complete this matching sheet

Art/History - Research about Anglo-Saxon Homes. Draw a picture and illustrate it with key features

Science - Create a food chain

Food Chains

1)  Know that all food chains start with producers (plants) as they create their own food and this is where they get their energy.

2) Understand the flow of energy passes from the producer to the primary consumer (the arrows that show the energy flow should point from the producer to the primary consumer)

3) Producer ...Primary Consumer..Secondary Consumer..Tertiary Consumer

4)  To be able to explain the terms prey and predator

PSHE - Recycle one product and make a new one

Some of you have already completed this task. Think of a recycled product that you could sell as part of an enterprise sale.  How much would your product cost to make?  What would you sell it for?  What would your profit be?

What have we been up to this week?

W/C Monday 4th May - 4 Day week

Dear Parents and Carers

I am delighted to announce a Lincolnshire School Games Virtual Event: ‘Primary Athletics – Home Pentathlon’ This is available, free of charge, for all children in all Primary Schools. 

For this competition the children will need to complete the 5 athletics events, keeping a record of their best scores on their score sheet (this is also in the attached document). To enter the event they will need to click on the entry form link in the document; click here to see the form or use this link https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=4I_ewOP1L06Lz_HFSzjyi-eZLGK4191Mryh5rjGLpLNUNENTVEFSWUVYV1NLSzJUVUhGVDlNNkM2MSQlQCN0PWcu. From here you will need to input some information then attach a link to their score sheet.  Our school games organiser is MATT EVANS - LINCS CENTRAL.  The information will go to the school games organisers who will keep track of entries and scores.  Your child's entries do not need to be published on social media, but if you choose to please ensure a parent posts on their behalf.  There is more safeguarding advice in the attachment 

They have until the end of next week to submit their content before moving on to the next event in the series. A selection of the best entries in my area will go up against those selected by the other 7 School Games Organisers towards a county final event.

I really hope you can get behind this and keep our young people in some sort of sporting competition during this unprecedented time.


Good luck


Mr Hickerton 

Monday English- VE Day The Big Talk

A family activity - a chance to exchange knowledge, discuss and consider

Tuesday English - VE Day Comprehension

Wednesday English - Use Relative Clauses

Using relative clauses to talk about roles family played in WWII or wartime memories



My grandmother, who worked in a munition factory, tested guns during WWII.

Thursday English- VE Day Vocabulary Spellings

Thursday - VE Spelling Activity (You will need a dice)

Roll 1= How many times can you write the word correctly in 30 seconds?

Roll 2= Find the definition

Roll 3= Use the word in a sentence

Roll 4= How many words can you make using the letters?

Roll 5= Write as many synonyms for the word as you can (words with similar means)

Roll 6= Write as many antonyms for the word as you can (words with an opposite meaning)


Triumph, sorrow, victory, civilians, personnel, raid, conflict, memories, refugee, evacuate, freedom, democracy, bravery, sacrifice, peace

Monday - Thursday Maths

Click on the links below and watch the videos before attempting the activities

Monday Maths - Multiplying 2 digits by one digit

Tuesday Maths - Multiplying 3 digits by one digit

Wednesday Maths - Dividing 2 digits by one digit

Thursday Maths - Dividing 3 digits by one digit


Plan to  make a meal/dish/cake for VE Day

(It could be a typical ration recipe or something you could make using ingredients from the garden or allotment)


Tuesday Topic - VE Day Work out the cost to buy all the ingredients to make your dish/meal/cake from yesterday. Online shopping websites will allow you to find the prices of food items. An example of a cottage pie is below

Wednesday Topic - VE DAY Plan a Performance

Thursday Topic - VE DAY Bunting

What else have we been up to in Week 1/2 Summer Term?