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Maple Class (Y4)

Welcome to Year 4

Navenby C of E Primary School - Class 4 - September 2021

      A Very Warm Welcome Back....

I am absolutely delighted to be teaching this class and have been excitedly preparing the classroom and lessons ready for a great year together!  Although I have worked at the school for many years, I might not have met all of you yet so please feel free to introduce yourselves so that I can put a face to a name.  We just wish to reiterate to parents that it is essential that your child feels happy and settled back in school so that they can enjoy all the exciting learning opportunities. In the first few days back at school we have been focusing on well-being within class and new routines within class to help the children deal with the mixed emotions they maybe feeling. If you have any worries or concerns over the course of the year, please do not hesitate to come and talk to us at the gate, as we will be escorting the children out at the end of each day, or email me on deirdre.harrison@navenby.lincs.sch.uk.


Meet us and our families!

From left: Mrs. Kerr with her husband and children, Mrs. Harrison with her son Dan and godson and Mr. Tatton with his dog

Our classroom for returning


Who’s who?

Similar to last year, I will be working full-time in Year 4 and we are very lucky to have the support of Mrs. Kerr and Mr. Tatton as Teaching Assistants.




Due to the support by sports specialists and swimming throughout the year, the days that we do PE will vary from term to term.  Also, the weather or other events can alter our set days. Therefore, please ensure that every Monday morning your child brings in their fully labelled indoor and outdoor PE kit it place in their lockers, especially as Autumn is approaching. PE kit will come home on a Friday to be washed. This term we will be doing PE on Thursday and Friday but it is also my intention to complete a mile a day on Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays as well.


Lost Property & Cloakroom Space

We have a lost property box in our class cupboard but let’s hope that we keep our belongings safe!  All children have their own lockers in the corridor where they can store all personal items other than books (which will be kept in the children’s class trays) and their water bottles.





As last year, the children will be given plenty of opportunities to read within school. We are placing a strong emphasis on group guided reading activities, which will take place 3 or 4 times a week.  This will ensure that all children in the class will be listened to by the Teacher and also another adult throughout the week.  Here, the focus is on exploring a variety of texts at a deeper level in order to develop inference and deduction skills for reading comprehension.  Also there is daily reading of text within Active English sessions as well as engagement with Class Books.

Parents/carers still have a huge part to play in their children’s reading development, so all the help you can continue to give is greatly appreciated. Children will have a chance to renew 'Home' books every Monday and it is requested that any returns be made on Fridays in order for books to be reissued after the weekend. If you need to keep a book for a few weeks that is absolutely fine.  We give the child a book on their first day back but will be reviewing reading challenge over the next couple of weeks.


Homework - Posted each week on this website

Homework has to be set by the class teacher each week in accordance with whole school homework policy. It will be sent home on a Friday and is to be returned no later than Tuesday so it can be marked. In Year 4, and throughout Key stage 2, we have a strong focus on learning times tables as there is a new government test on these in Term 5 and so we ask that children practise these at home as well.  Each week I will post an online multiplication link or a worksheet to complete. Last year, all children in the school became used to our system of spaced learning for spellings.  Their personalised spelling list shows you the spellings that they will focus on each week until the end of week 5 when when they will be tested again.  Lastly, the children will have a short ‘topic’ based task that should not take more than 20-30 minutes.   The only exception to this homework routine in when the children are asked to do ‘Homework Projects’ which is part of school policy for KS2 children too.  These occur later in the Autumn term and in the Summer.  Plenty of time and explanation will be given in advance.  With any of the homework given, if there is any confusion or concerns please pop in to see me or email.


Website Page:

This is regularly updated and contains termly overviews of learning, homework and weekly updates on our learning and progress. It also contains useful links which will support your child’s learning.


End of Year 4 Expectations

Parents' guide to Rockstars

Our Reading Area (please continue to send in pictures)

Our Reflection Area - As a Church of England School we are investigating the Christian Value of Thankfulness this term

Positive Thinking - A Growth Mindset

Transition Day Art - Appreciation of Masterpieces

Our Class Charter - How we would like our class to be? (Philosophy for Children)

Our High Standards in Year 4 - What we aspire to!

Maths - Place Value

Literacy - Recounts (Street Child)

Factors (including prime and squared numbers)

Literacy Working Wall - Based on 'Street Child'


PE - Orienteering

PSHE & ICT - Keeping Safe and Positive Relationships

History - The Changing Rights of Children over time

Music - Percussion (Composing and Performing)

Science - Sound

Written Methods for Multiplication and Division

RE - Expressing Faith through the Art

Wreath Festival for Harvest - Wellingore Church

Junior Jam



Feel Good Friday - 5 a Day

ART - Drawing Skills

Enterprise - FONS Christmas Merchandise with our Victorian Marbling Designs

Investigating the Christian Value of Peace

Science - Investigating Electricity

Maths - Investigating Perimeter

Welcome to the Summer Term Year 4!


Dear All of Year 4 Children and Parents,


I hope you have had a restful and enjoyable Easter.  You have worked incredibly hard work and continued to show great commitment towards your learning on your return to school so we are going to continue to build on this during the summer term! We couldn't be more proud of the way you adapted and the enthusiasm you have continued to show.  Alongside our usual curriculum, we will be having a focus on mental, physical and social well-being. This term we will be completing a 30 day well-being programme inspired by Jamie Peacock. Alongside this are plenty of engaging, fun activities to look forward to such as Graffiti art, athletics and plenty of other outdoor learning opportunities related to science (habitats, food chains, changing environments, classifications), maths and literacy. We will continue to share pictures of all our learning with you.


Please remember to have your PE kit in school everyday from Monday as we will be continue to do 'A Mile a Day' alongside our PE.


Our day now starts close at 08:55 and finishes at 3:25.




Take Care,


Mrs. Harrison


Creative Writing Day

It's a Mystery

The Crime Scene

The Clues


Feel Good Friday

Good Sleeping Habits

Healthy Eating

Being Positive - 'Trying New Foods'

Feel Good Friday - Mindfulness Rangoli Art

PE - Different types of jumping techniques

Numeracy - Space

Changes to the Environment - A Grammar Focus


PSHE- How to be Responsible Citizens and Guardians to Our Planet?

Reduce, Recycle, Reuse

How changes to the environment can impact nature

Food Chains

1)  Know that all food chains start with producers (plants) as they create their own food and this is where they get their energy.

2) Understand the flow of energy passes from the producer to the primary consumer (the arrows that show the energy flow should point from the producer to the primary consumer)

3) Producer ...Primary Consumer..Secondary Consumer..Tertiary Consumer

4)  To be able to explain the terms prey and predator

Food Chains

Running with pace and timing for Hurdling

Physical Well-being - Daily Mile, Ultimate Frisbee Tournament and Fitness

What we are reading together

RE - Hinduism (The Five Daily Duties)

ICT - Coding/Programming Scatch Chatbox

Decimals - Recognising Tenths and Hundredths

Sports Day

Dear All of Year 4 Children and Parents,


Well done on all your hard work and continued commitment towards your home learning! We couldn't be more proud of the way you adapted to remote learning and the enthusiasm you have continued to show.  We literally cannot wait to have you back on Monday 8th March at the new time of 08:40 and I know you are all keen to catch up with friends.  Alongside our usual curriculum, we will be having a focus on mental, physical and social well-being.  There are plenty of engaging, fun activities to look forward to in our first week such as Naan bread tasting, Indian Block Making, Indian Dancing, PE with coach Lucy, Digestion and Friday Fun day (baking and crafting). We will continue to share pictures of all our learning with you.


Please remember to have your PE kit in school everyday from Monday. 

Our day finished at the new time of 14:55 too.


Take Care,


Mrs. Harrison


Back to school ....

PSHE Mental Wellbeing - Don't Worry be Happy

Feel Good Friday

Much more exercise - Perseverance

Science - Digestion

DT Designing and Making Naan Breads - What are they? Recipes?

Investigating herbs and spices

Taste Testing Naan breads before designing own ingredients

Dance Unit - Cheerleading and Indian Dance

Class Reading

Dear All Year 4 children,

We cannot believe how quickly and well you have adapted to the remote learning.  You have really risen to this new challenge and we couldn't be prouder. You are amazing!

Celebration of Home Learning

World Book Day Challenge - Potatoes to Characters


Lowry - Skills in Watercolours and Printing

First Week of Maths

Explanatory Text - Context (Water Cycle and Tooth Decay)

Science - Teeth and their roles in animals (humans)

Information Text - Focus on fronted adverbial, conjunctions, determiners and layout

Science - Solids, Liquids and Gases

Geography - Countries and Waters surrounding India along with physical features

Cheerleading Routines and Motifs

Pointillism - The Skill of Stipling

Class Reading




Investigating and Appreciating Traditional/ Modern Indian Music and Instruments


Below is a template from FONS for you to use if your child wishes to design a Christmas card over half-term.  I will be emailing you individually a copy of a design done by you child at school this week if you would like to use this one instead.  

There is a very quick turnaround for these FONS orders as they have to be sent back to school by Monday November 2nd.  

If anyone needs me to print off their child's Victorian Marbling Design in colour, please email me to arrange.

I have added an example below

Autumn Term 2020
Our Autumn term topic is entitled ‘Victoriana.’ Here we share the life of children in our country 150 years ago and look into how the changes came about in order to appreciate what is provided for us all today. It includes a class visit to a coal mine to experience working life for families during the era. A case study of Queen Victoria is undertaken and children question, investigate and formulate opinions, based on research, about this monarch that led the British country and empire towards significant changes.  We also consider our current rights and responsibilities at school and at home.  Linked also with the great inventions of the 19th century, Class 4 will carry out investigations into changing sounds, particularly in relation to wind and string instruments. There will also be much philosophical thought underpinning our work and many more exciting threads to our challenge question!!!

Our Reading Area (Please email me with more pictures)

Investigating Our Rights and Responsibilities

Class Charter

Our Reflection Area - Thankfulness (we all drew a hand to represent our uniqueness to make this masterpiece)

Our Reflection Area - Thankfulness