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AQT Partnership


We are delighted to be working in partnership with five other schools.  The AQT (Achieving Quality Together) Partnership consists of us, Ancaster Primary School, Caythorpe Primary School, Osbournby Primary School, Billingborough Primary School and Welbourn Primary School.


This partnership has evolved from the previous AQT Partnership which was first established in May 2012.  The Partnership works together to provide opportunities for the children in all 6 schools to collaborate and share learning experiences; it also allows staff to learn together and from each other and give insights into how things operate in other schools.  The Headteachers meet regularly to plan events and discuss educational issues which we can address together.

Since its launch, the Partnership has had many successes some of which are outlined below:


  • Gifted mathematicians from across the Partnership have  the opportunity to work together at the local secondary school (SWRA).  This is already organised again for summer term 2016
  • A teacher from Ancaster and a Teaching Assistant from Navenby organised a PE morning for the Y2 children.  The elder half of each Y2 class went to Ancaster in October 2013 and the younger half came to Navenby in June 2014.  They had a hugely enjoyable time learning new skills and working collaboratively as a team with children form other schools.
  • The Maths leaders meet termly to look at boosting maths standards across the Partnership.  This group has been led by the Maths leader at Navenby who has recently completed the MAST programme.  Their ideas have linked into everyone’s Maths SDP target.  Certainly from our point of view maths has improved and on the latest set of KS2 SATs data (July 2014) we had 97% achieve at least a Level 4 (8% increase on the previous year) and 33% achieving a level 5 in reading, writing and maths (an increase of 14% on the previous year).
  • The Literacy leaders have met to look at providing challenges for the G&T writers across the partnership.  In the Autumn Term 2013, the Y5/6 pupils met at Navenby for a writing activity and in the Spring Term 2014 the Y3/4 children went to Ancaster for a similar experience.  In the Summer term 2014 the KS1 children came to Navenby.  All of the planning for these sessions was done by the Literacy leaders in the Partnership. 
  • To improve CPD, for the academic year 2013-2014, staff  from all 5 schools ran workshops in an area which they considered a strength of theirs.  Staff attended up to 6 workshops across the year.  This gave staff responsibility for leading but also learning from each other and CPD costs were kept low.
  • Headteachers have worked together to ensure that purchases were bought at reduced rates ensuring value for money.
  • On 17th September 2014, the collective staff met at Welbourn to look at writing moderation across the partnership.  The impact of this was proactive dialogue between staff and a greater understanding of what levels look like.  This ensures that teacher assessment is as accurate as it can be.  The second of these sessions was at Caythorpe on 26th February where staff agreed on levels for children across a range of pieces of work.  The final session was at Ancaster in June 2015
  • A brilliant trip was organised to Belton Woods using PPG money to support lower attaining pupils across the Partnership.  They took part in nature events which boosted their self-esteem and knowledge of things such as life cycles and habitats.  Parents also came along to this and it was lovely to see them working in collaboration together. 
  • A big stride forward for everyone was the introduction of peer reviews.  The Heads visit each other's schools and carry out monitoring activities to make recommendations for improvements whilst also celebrating successes.  This allows Heads to be actively involved in school development across the Partnership and also support middle leaders in their roles too.  Deputies lead the review workshops thus developing them professionally and from the whole process comes improvement and impact.  Navenby was the first school in the cycle.  Two Heads visited us at the end of November 2015 and were extremely complimentary about many things: the behaviour of the children; their attitude to learning; the quality of work in their books; the Christian ethos of the school; the children's engagement with the curriculum and the wonderful learning environments.  We will be focussing on further developing our writing opportunities over the next 6 months.
  • Following a similar event last January, a 'refresher' training day was held for the Partnership on 4th January 2016.  All staff mixed with each other in 4 workshops: Poetry, Dance, Science and Maths.  Staff left the day inspired and refreshed, ready for the terms ahead. 

We are looking forward to further collaboration not only to enhance the children’ learning opportunities but to work together to bring the best for everyone.

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