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Welcome to the Friends of Navenby School (FONS) section! 



Your Committee

Chair -  Dave Robinson-Stewart

Vice Chair - Regan Raynor

Treasurer - Katherine Briscombe

Secretary - Karla Robinson-Stewart 

Member - Rhona Breeze


Registered Charity No. 512492


Who are we?

We are the Parent-Teacher Association for Navenby Church of England Primary School. We provide support through fundraising activities, volunteer support and providing a community for parents to support each other and their children. Fundraising activities are used to support purchases or activities to benefit the school, be it supporting trips, upgrading equipment, new books and much more.


We are always looking for new members and there are no limits on numbers so please come join us if you can. Any help is always appreciated however much or little! Please contact any of the committee members if you wish to join our email address is hellofons@outlook.com



We hold meetings on a monthly basis (usually on a Monday evening after the children have gone to bed!) to discuss how we can raise funds, support school activities and how we engage parents and pupils alike. They generally last an hour so are not onerous and anyone is welcome to attend; you don’t have to be a committee member. We publish meeting times on the FONS facebook page, the link has been provided below under “communications”.



We hold events throughout the year (when COVID isn’t disrupting our plans!). The main events are the Summer and Christmas Fairs, usually held in July and December respectively. Both include games, activities, craft stalls and food and we usually put out a request for assistance a couple of months in advance. We also hold regular “movie nights” where the children can stay after school to watch a film with popcorn, squash and a biscuit. Other activities are added on as parents suggest them (or the children) and we are always open to new things to do to broaden the children’s horizons while keeping things fun



If you need to contact us at any time we have a group email address: hellofons@outlook.com


We have a notice board near the Reception play area where posters and information are put up for parents to see. Messages and updates are also pushed out through the school weekly newsletter, including forms for activities where we need parental consent.


We also have a Facebook page, which is a closed group so please request to join and a member of the FONS committee will include you after a test question (which is required as there have been some very random requests with no link to the school). The facebook page can be found by searching for FONS\ at :


FONS | Facebook


Our only rule for the Facebook page is that it follows the school’s own Social Media policy; we are there as a community to help and support each other and not to disparage anyone; therefore, please ensure that any issues that you may have with the school are first and foremost to be raised through the school and not on social media.


Charity Options - Free Money for Schools

There are several means by which we can generate donations toward the school through no direct expense to parents (free money is always good - especially in these difficult times!).


Two easy ways to raise money are:

The Giving Machine - This can be loaded as a plug-in to the web browser on your computer (Mac or PC) or an App on your phone. Every time you purchase something through a partner with the Giving Machine activated or through the App, money is donated to the FONS Charity - so far this has raised over £300 at no cost to parents. The link to the FONS Giving Machine is:


Join as a Giver - TheGivingMachine


Amazon Smile - If you use Amazon, try logging in through smile.amazon.co.uk; you can select Friends of Navenby School as your chosen charity and Amazon will then donate 0.5% of the value of each sale to the school charity. Again, this is easy free money that has generated over £50 in the last year; the more people who joint the scheme, the more money Amazon donates!


We really couldn’t achieve what we do without the unseen ‘army of help’ that exists in school.


Kind Regards 

The FONS team


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