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Summer 2- last 2 weeks of phonics

Summer 1:

W.c. 18th May 

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Alternative sound:


Read words: cue, venue, rescue, argue, due, hue


statue, value, rescue, cue

Writing sentence:

I argue with my sister.  

Alternative sound:


Read words: stew, few, new, nephew, renew


Matthew, mildew, knew, stew, pew

Reading sentence:

Matthew is my nephew.


Phoneme Story Spotter – Luke and Ruth pg. 162


Children look for the ‘(y)oo’ different graphemes. 

You can copy and scan their picture across.


Writing sentences for the different spellings using the ‘(y)oo’ grapheme.



Play game:

Start from the word new, how many words can you create using the (y)oo grapheme?

New, stew, renew etc.  


Reading sentence:

My nephew is cute.

Writing sentence:

Luke and Matthew argue.


Teach HFW- round, tree, magic


Look at the spelling of oo in the word spoon, boot and soon. 


Alternative sound:



Read words: clue, blue, true, flue, issue


glue, Sue, tissue

Reading sentence:

She uses the glue.  

Look for the (y)oo graphemes

Phoneme spotter - ee graphemes

See if your child can have a go at finding the different words with the ee grapheme. On page 161 - A Right Mess


Is the link for the full document - it is free. We are in Phase 5 for Year 1.

Phoneme stories

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