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Welcome to Phase 3 - STP

W.C. 5th October 2020

Week 5:

Monday- 'oa' go for goal. Today we will look at scoring a goal outside on the field and we will explore turn taking with our peers. 


Tuesday- 'oo' I like books. Today we will be creating a book using the sentence starter I like books. I like _____. I like _____. 


(More to follow)

W.C. 28th September 2020

Week 4 (Photos to follow):

Monday 'th' think this way that way. The children explored the song the pirates life for me. 


Tuesday 'ng' Ching's ring. We explored the book and the children were able to talk about what they would really wish for if they could choose one thing. We spoke about the characters feelings and the moral of the story. 


Wednesday: 'ai' ai snail trail. The children completed a sheet using some 'ai' sounds. e.g. p-ai-n, l-ai-d and n-ai-l. We really worked hard on recognising the 'ai' digraph and joining those two letters together.


Thursday: 'ee' what can I see? With Miss Hanson leading the session, the children went on their very own train ride. They created their own train tickets and explored what they could see outside on their journey. The children wrote words containing the digraph 'ee'



Today we looked at the sound 'igh' my pants are tight. We talked about the sound being a trigraph and what it means - 3 letters make one sound. 

W.C.  21st September 2020

Week 3:   (Photos to follow)


This week we have looked at....

Monday: 'z' don't wake the monsters.

Wednesday: 'qu' quiet for the Queen. 

Thursday: 'ch' Chicken Licken

Friday: 'sh' we have a plan

W.C. 14th September 2020

Week 2 in school we have completed the first 5 sounds on this list. (j, v, w, x, y)


Can you spot the yeti?? The yeti read a wonderful story fluently and the class learnt the caption action very quickly.

'w w whiffy Wilson'

Whiffy Wilson was very smelly, she needed a bath. The fairy gave us some gloves and sponges, we need to make everything clean. 

'x x box of tricks'

Here Isla is modelling how to use her magic wand, she was a wonderful magician! She used her magic and we had a lovely day with a bunny. The class named her 'Strixy Tixy' Using the 'x' sound. 

Welcome to Phase 2 STP sounds

We looked at these sounds within 1 week. 

'p p pirate Pete'

'n n nee nor'

'g g gruff the grump'

The children needed to search for objects in the garden to find some clues. Once they found something they could then stick it to their hat. It was so lovely to hear all their imagination appearing during this activity. 

'u u underpants'

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