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22nd May

Here is a useful social story: 

20th May 2020


Good morning,  


Here is our latest Virtual Event installment. We understand how hectic things are at the moment, which is why we have left all our events open with no completion dates. 


Please send this out to any KS1 children that may have an interest in football, also there are some good ideas in here for individual activities that can be given to the children to keep their physical activity levels up when returning to school. 



The Outreach Team  


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Our school video

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Friday 8th May - Miss Yarsley baking day

If you fancy using up some weeds from your garden. Have a go at making dandelion honey and dandelionbread. This is what I ended up doing yesterday on my day off.

My honey took 8-9 hours to make - https://youtu.be/Md3ywheVvow
The recipe filled 4 jars about 3/4 full, left to cool over night. This morning I have tried it with some of myhomemade bread and it has stiffened up a lot.

My bread took around 45 mins. - http://foodstorageandsurvival.com/make-dandelion-bread/?fbclid=IwAR0cMInvx3pm0xPdJeMgkr0bV4Cb6Le9jSSZMTz_bdefZTjxIm1J5X0DBiY
The recipe made 3 loafs and I added a bit of apple to one bread loaf.

You've just got to make sure you don't collect any near a street road, I got most of mine from our garden andthe rest in a cut off field.
Your child can help with most of the process (bar the cooking on the hob).

Competition on Sumdog - 8th May- 14th May 2020

Competition on Sumdog - 8th May- 14th May 2020 1

VE Day - Friday 8th May 2020

VE Day - Friday 8th May 2020 1
Have a fantastic day celebrating 75 years. Please stay safe, but try and teach your child about a special historical event in Great Britain. 
I have just found this :-


The timetable looks great, reminding you to call a loved one andhave lots of play. It also gives you weeklyplans to use with yourchild. From EYFS-YEAR 6.
It should hopefully help working parents/children who cannotaccess zoom sessions in the morning.

Keep safe !

As my video is too long to add onto here. I have created my own YouTube account - Click and Subscribe to see more videos from myself and my mum dressed up (where we can) during lockdown. 


The full story of the Gruffalo


Another great link :


Lots of fab games- ways to engage with science and technology. 

Soil Week starts on Monday 4 May:

Here is a brilliant link a parent has sent me - You can sign up for free


It is a website about outdoor learning :

Monday: Diversity of life
Let's learn about where our food comes from!

Tuesday: Things that fly
Today we'll meet the house martin and find out how it makes its nest.

Wednesday: Things that crawl and wiggle
Where can we find small mammals?

Thursday: Things that swim
Where do frogs spend their time?

Friday: Plants for our planet
Today we'll learn about how plastic enters the environment.

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Picture 1
When times get tough remind yourself that "YOU ARE AMAZING". You are great teachers and a great parent.

When we get back to normality it is my job to bring all of the puzzle pieces back together and have your children ready for YEAR 2.

Keep smiling, have plenty of breaks. Have family time, enjoy the nature and outside world where you can.
Please remember I am always here and will try and help aid where I can. If you feel your child needs a day off with learning then do that, even teachers who have children are struggling to teach their own child. So don't think that everyone has a perfect fantastic life right now. Because they don't and thats absolutely fine.
Remember you can pick and choose your learning, I am producing weekly plans but you can take that with a pinch of salt, all I need and want to know that you and your child/ren are safe and well.

(I know this week it has been limited)

I am hoping to send some surprises in the post for next week via help of other school staff , who are willing to hand deliver in certain villages. I want to help cheer you all up on a wet raining day and to know I am always here.

Thank you for being you

A NHS competition - due in by the 7th May

Thank You postcard competition, Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust, Beech House, Witham Park, Waterside South, Lincoln, LN5 7JH.

(You can also take a picture and send to myself)
You will need to send into that address to have a chance of winning an amazon prize.
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