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This term the children will be learning about the four countries in United Kingdom and their capital cities.

Northern Ireland Geography/Northern Ireland Country

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Riverdance the final performance


Learn Welsh - How to say "Good afternoon" in Welsh. FREE WELSH language lessons

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Learn Welsh how to say "THANK YOU" in Welsh with Professor Giggle,Jingle Jeff & Llŷr Welsh lessons

How to say THANK YOU in Welsh. One word children's language video lesson with Professor Giggle and Jingle Jeff. www.professorgiggle.com Learn the correct pro...

Facts about Wales | Englisch-Video für den Unterricht

Most people don't know much about Wales, even though there is a lot to see there! Did you know about its many castles or the sheep farming industry? In this ...

Fun Facts about Wales for Kids - Countries of the United Kingdom (Educational Top 5)

Wales is an incredibly interesting country with rich heritage, colorful traditions and travel destinations that make both kids and adults dream of visiting t...

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