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22nd May

Today we finished adapting the poem 'In My Garden', we then made a new one. I chose to name my new poem called 'In My Home'. My paragraphs will be based on different parts of my home. I focused on my Kitchen to begin with. At the bottom of my page I drew a little picture of a section from my kitchen. 

Gracie chose to relate her story to the beach. It can be about anything at all. Remember to keep safe. Try to go to that place and use your senses. 

- What can you hear? (children playing, tv, radio, fridge, kettle boiling)

- What can you feel? (table, wall, money box, sand, sea)

- What can you see? (sandcastles, family, friends, school)

- What can you taste? (if inside - kitchen or at the beach- ice cream)

- What can smell? (Food cooking, salty sea, doughnuts cooking)

21st May

21st May


Today the children have picked apart the first 2 paragraphs, they have rewritten the poem.

What can you see in my garden? To suit their own garden experience. I am really impressed with their imagination. 


Keep up the great work 😀

20th May - Miss Yarsley's teaching examples

20th May

Can't believe we only have 2 days left of this term, it has gone very quickly indeed. Have a lovely day. It has been lovely to see so many of you on zoom today, especially in your beautiful gardens.

Go and keep on exploring, use your senses - what can you hear,smell, see and touch in your garden?
Extend by describing them- so how does it feel/look etc? Is it bumpy, smooth, hard, soft? How many amazing adjectives can you find?
If you have observed an animal ie. a chicken or a bird - how does it move? What does it sound like?

Some ideas:
Lily said her popping pinecone smelt like chocolate (made an aliteration)
Phoebe said she saw some giant trees.
Scarlett said she could hear a noisy chicken.
Immy said she found a beautiful rose.
There were so many fantastic findings from all the children today. I am so impressed by you all.

Even if you couldn't join us today in zoom have a lovely day, I hope you get chance to explore an outdoor area. Close your eyes for a moment and just listen. There are so many different noises that you may not see but you can hear.

(For example- Right now I can hear about 5 different types of birds tweeting but am unsure what birds they areas I cannot see them. So this is something I will explore with my dad today. Even as an adult/teacher I am still learning too.)

At the end of the week we will be rewriting the poem we have been looking at called In My Garden by Moira Andrew.

What a glorious day !!!

Miss Yarsley

Day 2 - 20th May

This is what you need to create/print off today (original in plan). Try and collect 2-4 objects to label with adjectives (describing words) about how it feels/looks like. 


Use your senses in your own garden/outdoor area: 

Day 1 - Tuesday 19th May 2020

Still image for this video

Miss Yarsley reading the poem out loud.

Still image for this video
Listen for the rhyming words and look at the structure of the poem.
In My Garden
by Moira Andrew

What can you see in my garden?
What can you see on the wall?
Slugs and snails and caterpillars
And a spider learning to crawl.

What can you hear in my garden?
What can you hear from the tree?
Robins and thrushes and blackbirds –
You can hear them singing to me.

What can you find in my garden?
What can you find under a stone?
Ants and worms and woodlice
And a stag beetle living alone.

What can you smell in my garden?
What can you smell in the grass?
Lavender, lilies and roses –
You can smell them as you pass.

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