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Red, White and Blue Day and Remembrance Assembly Friday 11th November 2016

Children from our military families are looking forward to presenting an informative and poignant assembly on Friday 11th November to mark Remembrance Day.  You are warmly invited to join in our collective worship at 9.05am.

​We will also be holding a whole school break at 10.45am which will end with the Last Post at 11am.
On this date we will also be holding our annual Red, White and Blue day to raise awareness (and hopefully a little money) for several military charities.  Children are invited to dress up in Red, White and Blue (sensible shoes please).  Donations would be very warmly received.


Forces club will be entering a competition to commemorate the thousands of conscripts during WW1 and discovering more information about the Battle of the Somme.


We are encouraging pupils to write a postcard to their 18 year old brother who has been conscripted into the Army. They can ask questions about the war and also describe what has been happening at home since they left. This will help pupils think about the impact conscription had on recruits and their families during this life changing experience.


Conscription Act– 1916

Within a year of Great Britain declaring war on Germany in August 1914, it had become obvious that it was not possible to continue fighting by relying on voluntary recruits.

Lord Kitchener’s campaign – promoted by his famous “Your Country Needs You” poster, had encouraged over one million men to enlist by January 1915. Unfortunately, this was just not enough to keep pace with the mounting number of deaths and casualties.

The government saw no alternative but to increase numbers by conscription – compulsory active service. Parliament was deeply divided but recognised that, because of the imminent collapse of the morale of the French army, immediate action was essential. In March 1916 the Military Service Act was passed. This imposed conscription on all single men aged between 18 and 41, but exempted the medically unfit, clergymen, teachers and certain classes of industrial worker.

A second Act, passed in May 1916, extended conscription to married men.


Competition entries will be on display in the library once they have been submitted for judging.






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