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Beech Class

Welcome to Beech Class!


A Very Warm Welcome Back and we hope you have all had a lovely Summer Break.


Who’s who?

Mrs Allen will be teaching on Mondays and Tuesdays and Mrs Purbrick on Wednesdays to Fridays.

We have Mrs Kerr as our teaching assistant until October half-term, when she will go on maternity leave. While Mrs Kerr is away, Miss Hanson will be filling in and will be in school on Monday to Thursday.

This term we will have Mrs Woolsey covering our PPA time for one afternoon and we are also very grateful to have Mrs Spratt who will be helping regularly each week on Monday afternoons.

What’s what?

This term our topic is Iron Age to Stone Age. We will be linking this to Art and DT activities and some of our English writing work. Please look at our class page on the school website for our Autumn Term’s Planning overview and for regular updates.


P.E. will take place on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons this year. 

Please ensure that your child has their fully labelled indoor and outdoor PE kit at school at all times. (Outdoor kit will be required once the cooler weather arrives.) They will be sent home each half term for washing unless, for some reason, they have become wet or muddy.

Morning snacks

Now that the children are in Key stage 2 there is no fruit provided for morning snack.  Children are now asked to bring a snack if they would like one, preferably a healthy one such as fruit.

Key Stage 2 Playtime, Lunchtime and Collective Worship

Morning playtime is at 10.45 am to 11.00 am and afternoon playtime is 2.15pm to 2.30pm. Lunch time is 12.10pm to 1.10pm.  All Collective Worships are after morning registration at 9.10am to 9.30 am with the whole school.




Wild Woodcraft


Day 1

We had an amazing time visiting Wild Woodcraft to learn all about the Stone Age! 


Look at the pictures of all the amazing things we did while we were there!


On our second visit to Wild Woodcraft, we spent the day learning how to safely make fires. We followed all of the safety procedures and ended up getting in groups to make our own fires as a team. We used a special tool to create a spark and learnt how to build the fire so that oxygen could circulate to get it going quickly. This was such amazing fun and we all managed to build a roaring fire by the end of the session.


Day 2

Next, we learnt how to prepare and cook fish, just like Stone Age people would have done. We had to gut the fish first using a sharp piece of flint, and then had to endure the gruesome task of removing the innards with our hands. It was an important part of the session, realising that, if we eat meat, someone has to do this to our food before we get it and I think some of us we surprised by that fact.


Then, we looked at how water could be boiled using hot stones and couldn't believe at how hot it made the water!


All in all, it was a very cold but exciting day! We can't wait to go back next week :) 


Day 3

On our third visit, we learnt all about Stone Age weaponry. We practised using these weapons and decided on what situations they would be best used.


In the afternoon, we went hunting and foraging. We collected pine leaves to make pine tea and had a taste after it was cooked. It was actually quite yummy and was very good for us with loads of Vitamin C. After that, we played a game where we practised spearing a pretend fish which was moving very quickly. It was so tricky, but lots of fun!


Day 4

On our final visit, the day was all about crafts! As it was very wet, we stayed most of the day around the fire learning how to make leather draw string bags and wooden pendants. Sewing through leather was so difficult and required lots of patience and strength! When making our pendants, we had to learn how to make a hole in wood to thread our natural twine through. We did this using sharp flints and it took a lot of determination, but it was amazing to see how effective the technique is.


Overall, we've had the most amazing time and have learnt so much over the course of the visits. We only wish we could do it every week! :) 

Picture 1

Stone Age Fires


As part of our stone age topic we went outside and made our very own fire! We thought very carefully about why fire was important to early humans and how it would have been made and used. We then discussed what types of foods would have been cooked on their fires and, as a treat, made s'mores for us to enjoy.They were delicious!


Before starting our fire, we spoke in detail about safety considerations and we know that we should never play with fire or go anywhere near with a responsible adult.

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Survival of the Fittest!


In PE, we have been working with CGS to improve our health and fitness through exercise. We have been completing circuit training and keeping track of our progress to, hopefully, see where we have made improvements.


It's has been so much fun and we can't wait to see how our scores improve over the term!

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Useful Websites.  (This will be updated during the course of the year.)

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